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Attendance Obligation

For many courses and practicals,  attendance is part of the course examination. The attendance requirement means that you need to be present at (a percentage of) the meetings.

If you do not pass the attendance requirement you cannot pass the exam, the resit or the course in the current academic year. If you took the exam or the resit your exam result will be annulled. The attendance requirement can only be passed in the upcoming academic year(s). This implies you need to take the exam in the upcoming year(s).  

If you already passed the attendance requirement, but failed the exam(s) you can re-attend tutorial group meetings to prepare for a resit, see  'Repeat Education'.

The miminal required attendance can differ per type of meeting and per programme. The formal regulation can be found in the current (2018-2019) Rules and Regulations.


Tutorial group meetings

Minimum attendance for tutorial group meetings  
Number of meetings:  <= 4 5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   13   14   15   16   17   18 
1Y Master,
Research Master &
Forensic Master
70% all45567789101011121213


For bachelor students: reporting absence, attending session elsewhere.

You may only miss a certain number of tutorial group meetings if you report your absence personally to the tutor, at the latest on the day of the tutorial meeting.  It is no longer possible to request a catch-up assignment to compensate for a missed tutorial group meeting.

At the start of a course, the  coordinator will announce if it is allowed to attend any missed sessions in another tutorial group. If so, you contact the tutor of the group and he/she will decide if you can join his/her group for that session.  Please note that your attendance record will not change, only the attendance in your assigned tutorial group counts!

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