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About the Psychodiagnostics (BAPD) and GZ option.

What is the Psychodiagnostics registration (BAPD)?

The Basisaantekening Psychodiagnostiek (BAPD) is a certificate from the Dutch Instute for Psychologists (NIP) to certify that holders of a Master's degree in Psychology posess sufficient knowledge and skills in psychodiagnostics when they enter the labour market. 
The goal of the BAPD according to NIP is to stimulate that "first-phase" psychologists, who are going to use psychodiagnostic methods and decision procedures in their profession, have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills that form the basis for succesful further "learning" / bekwamen in psychodiagnostics.

The minimum criteria for the BAPD are:

  • have 200 hours working experience in psychodiagnostics
  • have received 20 hours of supervision by an acknowledged supervisor BAPD
  • have written 3 case reports
  • have met the specific theoretical requirements. (1. basic course in psychodiagnostics and 2. psychometrics and decision making?)

 A pass for the bachelor module PSY3109 Psychodiagnostiek is in itself not sufficient for the BAPD.


What is the GZ-option? (GZ aantekening)

This information is not yet available.

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Contacts for BAPD NIP/GZ 2017-2018
Several UM supervisors have been certified to judge the three-cases-report and determine whether it meets the NIP requirements. Please consult Sven Stapert or Ieke Winkens for BAPD supervision before the start of your internship.
BAPD/NIP + GZIeke Winkens

room 2.761

Hours: even weeks on Tuesday
Please email to make an appointment.

BAPD/NIP + GZSven Stapert

room 2.761
s.stapert maastrichtuniversity.nl

Hours: uneven weeks on Thursday 11.00-15.00h
Please email to make an appointment.


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