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Booking windows

Course and exam booking is possible during the UM-wide booking windows. Each period has a course registration period and an exam registration week. The Student Portal will show you when a booking window is open for a certain course or exam.


Overview 2017-2018

Two types of booking windows
Course registration (blue)    

• Available from 1 June 2017 until about 8 weeks before the period in which the course starts.

• Use this period to book or cancel the course (which automatically includes the first exam, at the end of the course).

• If you already fulfilled the attendance requirement in previous years: use this to book the first exam by selecting 'takes exam only'. This way, you'll have access to the course details when the repeat classes (herhalingsonderwijs) starts.

Exam registration (orange)

• Available about four weeks before an exam week, for a very short period (maximum 7 days)

• Use this period to book or cancel any exam or resit that takes place in that period.

• Can also be used to book a first exam if you passed the attendance requirement in previous years.

Schematic overview

Click here to download this information as pdf. (V2 of 27-09-2017)

This page provides a summary. See the  Course/Exam registration procedure regulations (all programmes)  for the entire procedure.


Please contact the Education Office if you have questions about course or exam registration. Please contact the Education Office immediately if you are experiencing any problems with your booking.  If you report a problem after the booking window has expired, the token regulation will be applied.

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