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Electives in the research master 2018-2019

News and updates

  • Application to Review/Research electives is handled in DorsWebApp from 2018-2019 onwards
  • Elective descriptions will be updated (new projects added and old ones deleted) between October and December 2018
  • Do not forget to fill out the DorsWebApp Elective Application form when applying for an elective 

Elective Types

There are three types of electives: course elective, review elective and research elective.

Course elective: attending regular courses
You can attend a course from an RM specialisation or a regular master’s programme at Maastricht University  or a course that is organized at a different university in The Netherlands or abroad. ECTS: depends on course content, duration and workload. Read more >>

Review elective: writing a review paper
You write a critical review on a specialized topic under the supervision of a member of the scientific staff of Maastricht University. You take the initiative to locate and arrange a supervisor for the review. You may complete one review elective. ECTS: 3 per project. Read more >>

Research elective: participating in (parts of) an empirical study
You can participate in (parts of) an empirical research project that is conducted and supervised by a member of the FPN or FHML scientific staff. You can apply for an available project from a list of project descriptions, updated in December of each year. ECTS: 3 per project, 6 for DN Research Electives. Read more >>

Which elective for whom?

Specialisation name

total ECTS

Allowed combinationsRemark
Cognitive Neuroscience
Fundamental Neuroscience
3One research/review elective  or
course electives up to 3 ECTS in total.
Effectively, you will be limited to selecting one elective type.
5Any combination that in total amounts to 5 ECTS.
Drug development and Neurohealth6One long DN Research Elective or a combination of electives that in total amounts to 6 ECTS.


How to apply for an Elective

To apply for a Research or Review Electives, please contact the supervisor of the respective elective project. The email address of the supervisor is appended to the respective elective description. When the supervisor has confirmed your participation in the elective project, go to the Electives section on DorsWebApp, select the elective of your choice and fill out the application form. You will receive an automated email of your application and the supervisor's response to it. If the elective of your choice is not (yet) listed, please contact the supervisor or the RM Electives coordinator.

To apply for a Course Elective, please fill out the online Elective Application Form, and make sure you select the form items that are related to Course Electives. The Board of Examiners will receive your Course Application and decide whether you are allowed to follow the course. Criteria for acceptance include (but are not restricted to) student vacancy and overlap with core courses in your RM specialisation.

Monitoring Performance and Feedback

To monitor performance during the elective project and allow the supervisor to provide substantiated feedback about performance, you can use the Evaluation Form. Download and print the document and have your supervisor fill it out as assessment of your performance midway and at the end of the elective. The items on the form only cover practical performance and do not cover aspects related to grading a written document, such as a Review paper, Research report, Lab logbook, etc.


Dates & Deadlines

October 2019      

Research or Review elective has been finished and graded.

It is highly recommended (an understatement!) to finish your elective and have it graded at least one month prior to the start of the internship.




Contact persons for Electives in the Research Master

Vincent van de Ven

v.vandeven maastrichtuniversity.nl
043-38 84510
Oxfordlaan 55, R. 1.020

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