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For immediate assistance call the internal alarm number 1333

Should an emergency occur, call the UM emergency number 1333/81333   (+31 43-38 755 66 outside the UM) . They will send staff and notify police, fire or ambulance.

In the event of an emergency, follow the instructions of the UM emergency staff. They can be recognized by their orange vests with the letters BHV or EHBO.

Emergency contact outside working hours

If you need to inform the UM regarding a death of/accident with an employee or a student:  +31 43 38 84444.
If you want to report urgent matters relating to UM buildings:  +31 43 38 755 66

Incident Registration

Geared towards employees, the UM has a registration system for health and safety incidents.  More information can be found on the UM website 'Accidents at work, (environmental) incidents and hazardous situations'.


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