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Internships in the 1-year Master



Research proposal

Before you start your internship research, you need to complete a research proposal or protocol. This research protocol is evaluated by both your first and second supervisor. Only if this protocol is approved by both supervisors/assessors you may start with your internship research. Please note that the research proposal must be submitted within 6 weeks of commencing the research internship.

A complete research proposal consists of the following parts:

  • a brief theoretical background of the research
  • the question(s) addressed by the research
  • a description of the research plan
  • a description of the research methods to be applied
  • a description of the techniques to be used for the processing and analyzing of data
  • a reference list
  • a timetable

As a guideline, the length of the research proposal should be between 1600 and 2800 words (4-7 pages), excluding reference list and timetable. You can of course use large parts of this research proposal for the introduction and method section of your master’s thesis.

Dates and deadlines

If you want to receive your diploma at the graduation ceremony, the following deadlines apply:
Dates & deadlines  Internship & Thesis  1-year Master 2017-2018
31 August 2018

Last date to submit your documents if you want to graduate this academic year 2017-2018
- the final Clinical Activities Report
- the final version of the thesis
- documents for BAPD or LOGO certification

28 September 2018For supervisors: Last day to hand in all assesment forms 


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Contact persons for Master internships
General internship coordinatorGerda Kraag

g.kraag maastrichtuniversity.nl
043 3884046
room 4.771

Psychology and LawKim van Oorsouw       k.vanoorsouw maastrichtuniversity.nl
043 3884050
room 3.767
Health and Social Psychology

Sandra Mulkens


Loes Kessels

s.mulkens maastrichtuniversity.nl
043 3884052
room 3.755

lte.kessels maastrichtuniversity.nl
room 4.747

 Work and Organisational Psychology    Robert van Doornr.vandoorn maastrichtuniversity.nl
room 4.731
Developmental Psychology (DP)Hans Stauderh.stauder maastrichtuniversity.nl
Oxfordlaan 55, room 2.009
Cognitive NeuroscienceAmanda Kaas

a.kaas maastrichtuniversity.nl
Oxfordlaan 55, room 2.019


Esther Keulers

esther.keulers maastrichtuniversity.nl
room 2.755


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