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Internships in the Research Master

In some of the Research Master specialisations (PP and NP), you can opt to do a research as well as a clinical internship. The rest of the information is therefore clustered under Research Internship vs. Clinical Internship, respectively.

You can find more information on internships in general on the general page on interships.

Dates and deadlines

General overview Internship Research Master 2017-2018

Application form internships: hand in 1 month before start internship. 

Send back the signed contract no later than 2 weeks after the start of your internship
Within 6 weeks after the starting date of your internship, submit the research proposal to both of your research internship supervisors for approval.
Remind your supervisors to send their assesment of your research proposal to the FPN Education Office within 20 working days.

In order to graduate by 31 August 2018, your last work needs to be handed in by 31 August 2018.


Dates and deadlines

If you want to receive your diploma at the graduation ceremony, the following deadlines apply:

Dates & deadlines Internship & Thesis Research Master 2017-2018
31 August 2018

Last date to
- submit the final Clinical Activities Report
- submit the final version of the thesis
- submit the final version of the minor thesis
- submit paperwork for BAPD or LOGO certification

28 Sept 2018            For your supervisors: last day to hand in all assesment forms



Contact your internship coordinator
After the initial brainstorming and exploratory phase, even if you have already located an internship, it is time to either make an appointment with or e-mail the internship coordinator for your specialisation, depending on their preferences. The internship coordinator will help you complete all the necessary formalities. For internal as well as external research internships, the coordinator monitors administrative procedures that are necessary before your internship can actually begin.

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Contact persons for Research Master internships
General internship coordinatorGerda Kraagg.kraag maastrichtuniversity.nl
043 3884046
room 4.771
PsychopathologyNicole Geschwindnicole.geschwind maastrichtuniversity.nl|
UNS40, room 2.767

Esther Keulers

esther.keulers maastrichtuniversity.nl
room 2.755

 Cognitive NeuroscienceAmanda Kaas

a.kaas maastrichtuniversity.nl
Oxfordlaan 55, room 2.019

Fundamental neurosciencePilar Martínezp.martinez maastrichtuniversity.nl
+31 (0) 43 3881042
room 2.574
NeuroeconomicsAmanda Kaas

a.kaas maastrichtuniversity.nl
Oxfordlaan 55, room 2.019

Drug Development and
Jacco Briedé  j.briedemaastrichtuniversity.nl
UNS50, room 4.114


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