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All programmes at FPN require the students to write a thesis. The requirements for the thesis may vary between programmes, please consult the section of your programme. 


File naming
When submitting (draft) versions of  the thesis, follow this naming convention:

File naming: [Lastname] _ [student number] _ [type]_ [specialisation].pdf
LastnameYour last name without extras such as van, der, de.
Student numberStudent number without an i
  • BT: bachelor thesis
  • MT: master thesis
    CAR: clinical activities report
    MINT: minor thesis
  • NP= Neuropsychology
  • HS= Health and Social Psychology
  • DP= Developmental Psychology
  • PL= Psychology and Law
  • CN= Cognitive Neuroscience
  • WO= Work and Organizational Psychology
  • RMNP= Research Master Neuropsychology
  • RMCN=Research Master Cognitive Neuroscience
  • RMPP=Research Master Psychopathology
  • RMFN=Research Master Fundamental Neuroscience
  • RMNE=Research Master Neuroeconomics



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