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Thesis in the 1-year master


The master thesis is a report of the research you carried out during your internship



Format guidelines

The formal guidelines for the master thesis are as follows:

  • The length of the thesis is usually around 8000 words long (1.5 line spacing, font size 12 [Times New Roman; 11 pts for ARIAL], margins of about 2.5 cm all round), excluding title page, references, tables, figures and appendices.
  • The thesis must be written in English. Either you write your thesis in British English or in American English, not a mix of the two.
  • The thesis must be written individually.
  • Use APA guidelines for referencing. No other referencing guidelines are allowed.

The final version needs to be mailed to the Education Office (fdp-masterthese maastrichtuniversity.nl) and both supervisors in the same email.

Dates and deadlines

If you want to receive your diploma at the graduation ceremony, the following deadlines apply:
Dates & deadlines  Internship & Thesis  1-year Master 2017-2018
31 August 2018

Last date to submit your documents if you want to graduate this academic year 2017-2018
- the final Clinical Activities Report
- the final version of the thesis
- documents for BAPD or LOGO certification

28 September 2018For supervisors: Last day to hand in all assesment forms 


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Contact persons for the 1-year Master Thesis
 coordinatorThe internship coordinator of your specialisation is also your contact for the thesis.
Administrative handling & filing   Marian Pieters
Education Office FPN      

mail: contact via AskPsy
For submitting the final thesis:
fdp-masterthese maastrichtuniversity.nl 

Room 1.774



Contact persons for Master thesis
The internship coordinator of your specialisation is also the contact person for the thesis. 



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