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Thesis in the forensic master

The master thesis is a report of the research you carried out during your internship.


Dates and deadlines

If you want to receive your diploma at the graduation ceremony, the following deadlines apply:
Dates & deadlines  Internship & Thesis  Forensic Master 2017-2018
31 August 2018

Last date to submit your documents if you want to graduate this academic year 2017-2018
- the final Clinical Activities Report
- the final version of the thesis

28 September 2018For supervisors: Last day to hand in all assesment forms 


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Master thesis: practical guidelines
The formal guidelines for the master thesis are as follows:

  •  The length of the thesis is usually around 8000 words long (1.5 line spacing, font size 12 [Times New Roman; 11 pts for ARIAL], margins of about 2.5 cm all round), excluding title page, references, tables, figures and appendices.
  •  The thesis must be written in English. Either you write your thesis in British English or in American English, not a mix of the two.
  •  The thesis must be written individually.
  •  Use APA guidelines for referencing. No other referencing guidelines are allowed.

Master thesis outline

 1. Title page: apart from the title, state your name, ID number, master specialisation, date, location of internship, and the name and affiliation of each supervisor/assessor. Furthermore, provide a total word count (excluding title page, table of contents, reference list, notes and appendices).
 2. Table of contents (note that this is unusual for a research article, but given that the master thesis comprises a larger writing assignment, much larger than a typical article, this table of contents is considered useful)
 3. Summary/Abstract
 4. Introduction
 5. Methods
 6. Results
 7. Discussion and/or Conclusions
 8. References
 9. Notes (if any) and/or appendices (if any)

Assesment of your thesis

Two supervisors/assessors assess the master thesis.

The main assessor is the person who supervised the research as far as its content is concerned; this could be the faculty supervisor or the (external) internship supervisor. In the latter case the faculty supervisor is the second assessor.

The Master thesis will be assessed on aspects of content as well as format and must comply fully with the norms set for content, structure, form (layout) and language usage, as described in the 'handbook writing skills'.

Criteria related to content (formulation of the question, line of reasoning, specialized aspects) and form will be assessed separately and contribute to the final mark for the thesis (see also the prospectus).


Submitting the thesis

The final version of the master thesis must be submitted in an electronic copy (PDF). You may also provide your supervisors directly with an electronic version of your final thesis.

The electronic version must be sent as an attachment (PDF) to the following e-mail address: fdp-masterthese maastrichtuniversity.nl and both supervisors in the same email.

 This digital copy:
- is required to award credits to your work,
- will be used to check for plagiarism, and
- is archived for future reference.

Please note that the final version of your thesis must be sent in a correct way before the final credits will be awarded. In case the name of your electronically submitted thesis is not correct (i.e., not according to the all important formatting rules), it will be removed and you’ll have to hand in your thesis again.

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Contact persons for the Research Master Thesis
 coordinatorThe internship coordinator of your specialisation is also your contact for the thesis.
Administrative handling & filing   

Marian Pieters
Education Office  

Mail: contact via AskPsy
For submitting the final thesis:
fdp-masterthese maastrichtuniversity.nl 

Room 1.774


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