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Thesis in the Research Master


The master thesis is a report of the research you carried out during your internship.

Dates and deadlines

General overview Internship Research Master 2017-2018

Application form internships: hand in 1 month before start internship. 

Send back the signed contract no later than 2 weeks after the start of your internship
Within 6 weeks after the starting date of your internship, submit the research proposal to both of your research internship supervisors for approval.
Remind your supervisors to send their assesment of your research proposal to the FPN Education Office within 20 working days.

In order to graduate by 31 August 2018, your last work needs to be handed in by 31 August 2018.


If you want to receive your diploma at the graduation ceremony, the following deadlines apply:
Dates & deadlines  Internship & Thesis  Reseach Master 2017-2018
31 August 2018

Last date to submit your documents if you want to graduate this academic year 2017-2018

- the final Clinical Activities Report
- the final version of the thesis
- submit the final version of the minor thesis
- documents for BAPD or LOGO certification

28 September 2018For supervisors: Last day to hand in all assesment forms 



Format and length Master's thesis

Please note that, unlike the rules and regulations that apply to theses submitted in the 1-year master's programmes, the official Education and Examination Regulations of the research master do not set strict limits on the length of these theses. However, given that the theses are supposed to be in the form of a submittable paper, lengthy theses with many appendices etc. are discouraged. Eventually, content and completeness are important.

A guideline for the minimum length of a master's thesis is 6.000 words (including abstract, tables and in-text references but excluding the list of references). The internship manual gives guidelines to help students explain things to external supervisors, who may have very different ideas about what constitutes a "thesis".

The master’s thesis should be individually written, in the English language. The master’s thesis needs to meet both the formal guidelines and the content guidelines. Concerning the length, guidelines are provided which relate to the amount of credits (EC). 
The final version needs to be mailed to the Education Office (fdp-masterthese maastrichtuniversity.nl) and both supervisors in the same email.

Format and length Master's thesis research proposal 

A complete research proposal consists of the following parts:

  • a brief theoretical background of the research
  • the question(s) addressed by the research
  • a description of the research plan
  • a description of the research methods to be applied
  • a description of the techniques to be used for the processing and analyzing of data;
  • a reference list
  • a timetable

As a rough guideline, the length of the research proposal should be between 2.500 and 3.000 words, excluding the list of references. You can of course use large parts of this research proposal for the introduction and method section of your master’s thesis.


Format and length Minor's Thesis and Minor's Thesis Research Proposal 

The minimum length of a minor's thesis is 3000 words (including tables, figures, and in-text references). The minor's thesis proposal should cover the same parts as the master's thesis research proposal yet can be shorter, there is no clear guideline.

The internship manuals give guidelines to help students explain things to external supervisors, who may have very different ideas about what constitutes a "thesis".


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Contact persons for the Research Master Thesis
 coordinatorThe internship coordinator of your specialisation is also your contact for the thesis.
Administrative handling & filing      Marian Pieters
Education Office FPN      

mail: contact via AskPsy
For submitting the final thesis:
fdp-masterthese maastrichtuniversity.nl 

Room 1.774

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