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Cyber attack: FPN specific (archived 09-03-2020)

09-03-2020: This page is no longer being updated.
See the updates and UM-wide FAQ on  the UM website.  This page addresses FPN specific issues.

Regular contact options, such as Submit a message are available again.

Before you mail: help us to help you:
- read the UM-wide FAQ and this FPN specific FAQ.
- include your student number, UM email address and telephone number.

Quick links:

Students (education - exams - other - abroad )
Staff (teachers)




What do I need to do?
• Change your password >>
• Read the extensive UM-wide FAQ and the FPN specific info below >>
• Read any (course) announcements via the Student Portal  >>



Will exams/resits take place as planned?
Yes, UM-wide policy. See https://www.maastrichtuniversity.nl/faq-cyber-attack-um#Students

Several exams will be in digital form. Make sure that you know your new, recently changed password. 
Tip: Check your login on Testvision >>

I had a exam/resit in week 1 of period 3 (6-10 January) but couldn’t prepare properly. What will happen?
Extra resits between 27 and 31 Jan. 2020. See https://www.maastrichtuniversity.nl/faq-cyber-attack-um#Students
See Exam Schedules >> for date and time.

How do I register for the extra resits between 27 and 31 Jan. 2020
We will register you. 23-01-2020: We've send emails to those students who might meet the criteria.

Will deadlines for exams, resits papers, assignments be extended?
UM-wide policy applies. See https://www.maastrichtuniversity.nl/faq-cyber-attack-um#Students

How do I register for the exams of period 3?
A course booking includes the exam right after the course, so most students do not need to register their exams separately.   Contact the FPN service desk if you have problems registering.

Where can I find my grades?
For the time being, the results of period 2 will be published in the EleUM grade centre, under 'Tools > Grades'. Publication of grades will be announced.

Will the deadline for the first version of the bachelor/MarBLe thesis be extended?
No, 7 February 2020 at 13:00 hrs remains the deadline. Statement FPN >>

How can I hand in my Master thesis?
DorsWebapp is available again, follow the regular procedure to upload.


Will lectures be recorded (6 - 24 Jan. 2020)?
No, because the central infrastructure wasn't available.

When will the  lecture recordings (of previous periods)  be available?
Mediasite, UM's platform for video, is back online. New recordings from period 4.

Can I access the WiFi?
Yes, if you first reset your password. Do this preferably at home, via the Student Portal.

I need a document that the Education Office provides, such as a grade transcript, Bavog progress statement or graduation expectation.
The UM backoffice system (SAP) has become available again. This means that we're now able to generate transcripts, statements and other 'Education Office' documents. We're working through the backlog of requests. Send any new requests via the contact form or visit the Education Office. Unsure if you are in the waiting queue? Ask for a status update.

Graduation expectation: see https://www.askpsy.nl/graduation-documents.

How can I arrange my internship?
DorsWebApp is available again. There will likely be an administrative backlog , but this will not affect your ability to start the internship.



What do I need to do?
• Change your password >>
• Read the extensive UM-wide FAQ and this FPN specific info.

Will lectures be recorded as planned?
Not for period 3.

How to process attendance?
UM-wide policy applies. See UM-wide FAQ > Staff.

Where can I hand in my grades for period 2?
FPN-specific: use the student list (grade centre > download) to register your grades. Deliver the generated file - in person - to the Exam & Results team of the Education Office.

Will the practicals take place as scheduled?
- Cancelled:
    • Tue. 7 & Thu. 9 Jan: Workshop Endnote (part of PSY4075 Skills). 
       Alternative: voluntary sessions (tba)

    • Wed. 8 Jan: Practicum IPN1128 / PSY1128 (Observing Behaviour / Observeren van gedrag).
      Alternative:  see course.

- Postponed:
    • Catch-up session Workshop Endnote  (part of IPN2144 / PSY2144  Skills IV Academic Writing)


Semester abroad

Outgoing students


Are the International Relations Office webpages available again?
Yes, here they are. However, you need an access code.  See the announcement in the student portal.

Will the registration period for electives abroad be extended?
Yes, the new deadline to register your interest in an elective abroad was Sunday 12 January 2020 at 23:59 CET.

Am I still able to apply for an Erasmus/FPN scholarship if I missed my deadline because of the cyber attack?
Yes, you can apply.

Direct links:
Erasmus scholarship application form for internship abroad in 2019/2020.
FPN scholarship application form for internship abroad in 2019/2020 (outside Europe)

Update history

03-01-2020 14:00 - Page added.
04-01-2020 15:30 FAQ added.
06-01-2020 09:45 Added q about bookings.
06-01-2020 13:00 PSY4075 endnote cancelled

06-01-2020 13:00 Staff (grades), Students (documents, cancellations)
07-01-2020 10:05 added: cancel IPN1128
07-01-2020 15:27 added: IRO pages also via temp username/password
09-01-2020 16:45 added: exams P3 / extra resits
11-01-2020 02:16 updated the iro questions
15-01-2020 16:45: BA thesis, added statement. Also as announcement.
16-01-2020 13:41: transcripts etc. available again
16-01-2020 15:03: added: exam schedule available.
17-01-2020 16:04 Mediasite back.
21-01-2020 17:10 removed non relevant items,  added dorswebapp back, added digital exams
24-01-2020 09:41: we also mailed resit candidates.
28-01-2020 14:17: Regular contact mail addresses available again. Removed temp addresses

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