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Covid-19 related information

Information and support regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19)

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the measures taken by the Dutch government and UM, our support offer will be different than usual.

• Face to face contact with an academic adviser is not possible at this moment, but you can make an appointment for an online meeting via fpn-academicadv-bamaastrichtuniversity.nl or fpn-academicadv-mamaastrichtuniversity.nl.

• Do you have questions or concerns about your mental health during this period or are you looking for ways to improve your wellbeing? Check out the Wellbeing Resources and Inspiration

• See UM Career Services and UM Psychologist for more useful information


Having difficulties with your study? Unsure if you want to continue?  The Academic Advisers are there for you.

Academic advisers (also called 'study advisers') are - next to your mentor - the first ones to approach for information and advice about your studies. If you  are unable to continue your study or experience a study delay , contact the Academic Advisers  as soon as possible.

But also if you have other questions about your studies, for example about the honours programme, extra electives or maybe a second study, the academic advisers are able to help you decide what your options are or what course would be most advisable.

In case special circumstances are interfering with your studies, for example illness or family circumstances, it is of great importance to contact an academic adviser as soon as possible. They can help to set up a customized study plan but they can also see if individual arrangements can be made. 

Academic advisers can invite students if their study progress data show that their results during the academic year are far below the programme requirements or prone to lead to a Negative Binding Study Advice.

All conversations with an academic adviser are confidential.

Academic Advisers FPN  

Gerda Galenkamp

Academic Adviser
Bachelor students

Olga Penninger
Academic Adviser
Bachelor students
Angélique Weitmann 
Academic Adviser
Bachelor students
Femke Buiter
Academic Adviser
Master students



The best way to get in touch is to send an email. Explain your situation and your question. It helps when you mention earlier contacts with one of the academic advisers. Please send the email from your @student.maastrichtuniversity.nl account and please do not forget to mention your student number.

Contact options for Bachelor students

Mail (also to make an appointment):


Contact options for Master students

Mail (also to make an appointment):

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