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Information meetings

Information meetings
The academic advisers organize information meetings on different subjects. Suggestions for new topics are always welcome.
Information sessions 2019-2020
Study progress and the temporary Binding Study Advice procedure
Wed. 20 May 2020
Online (webinar), see announcement in student portal for the link.

See also:
May 2020: Tips for your study planning and explanation of the temporary BSA procedure
Mei 2020: Tips voor je studieplanning en uitleg over de tijdelijke BSA procedure
Study progress and the Binding Study Advice  (1) 
Tue. 12 Nov. 2019   13:30 -14:30hrs, Heerlenzaal

General meeting in which we outline the Binding Study Advice procedure. And what you could do to stay (or get back) on track.

Clinical psychology education in Germany
Mon. 9 Dec. 2019 11:00 -  12:00hrs, Maastrichtzaal

For German students with an interest in clinical psychology education in Germany.

Binding Study Advice (2)
Tue. 14 Apr. 2020   10:30 -11:30hrs

Come to this meeting if you received a first negative warning advice in January. Or if you expect a (second) negative warning advice in May.
Recurring meetings 2019-2020
Monthly Wellbeing & Career meetings - In cooperation with Luna-Tik
Second Tuesday of the month, from 13:00 until 13:30.

2019: 10 Sept (0.731 Luikzaal), 8 Oct., 12 Nov. (Diepenbeekzaal), 10 Dec. (Luikzaal)
2020: 14 Jan., 11 Feb., 10 Mar., 14 Apr., 12 May, 9 June.

These monthly meetings provide an open platform to discuss and answer all things related to welbeing and career.
Monday Morning Mindfulness Meditations
Each Monday in October, November and December 2019, from 10:30  until 11:00 hrs

Mindfulness learns you to be actively aware. It is about directing your attention -  a skill everyone can learn. People who practice mindfulness report feeling less stressed and a stronger handle on life.  Feel free to join and to learn more about mindfulness, practice it and learn how to integrate it in your daily life.

2019: Each Monday from 28 Oct. 2019 until 16 December 2019
10:30  until 11:00 hrs  Luikzaal (28 Okt. &  11 Nov. 2019: Keulenzaal)
Tip: Student Well-being resources and inspiration
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