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Exams with Alternative Arrangements

If you have difficulty taking exams because of a disability you may be granted an alternative arrangement for your exams, such as extra time and/or a larger font size. Possible grounds for alternative arrangements can be dyslexia, a visual handicap or a concentration disorder. Alternative exam arrangements may also be granted for temporary disabilities, for example due to an injury or acute illness. Please note that all exam locations are accessible by wheelchair.

How to apply

To qualify for alternative arrangements you need to apply to the Disability Support Office at SSC. They will evaluate your situation and determine what facilities you need, and issue an advice called 'Advies Toewijzing Voorzieningen' (ATV)/ 'Advice Allotment Facilities' (AAF) that the faculty will use to make further arrangements. Please send this advice to our Academic Advisers, they will issue a formal statement of the arrangement and which exams it applies to. Once the arrangement is granted the Exams Coordinator will contact you for the practical details.

Exam location

The exams with alternative arrangements are always held at the faculty, Uns40. Please be present at the Service Desk 20 minutes before the start of the exam, and wait for further instructions from the staff. You will be shown to the exam room 15 minutes before the exam starts. The exam date and time are added to your timetable about one week before the exam date at the latest.
Please note that as of period 2 of 2017 the room number will no longer be added to your timetable. Instead, the timetable will read 'to be announced' as location, and refer you to the Service Desk. All students who currently have alternative arrangements have been informed of this change personally.


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