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Applying for a master

Covid-19 related information

For the admission to our Master programmes in September 2020, FPN follows the UM decision without FPN specific changes or additional requirements.

In short: Students can start a UM master's programme in September 2020 if they have obtained at least 80% of the ECTS from the final year of their bachelor's programme (for a 3-year bachelor’s programme, a maximum of 12 ECTS from year 3 may be missing; all ECTS from years 1 and 2 must have already been obtained).

See the entire UM policy in the UM FAQ, under "Due to the corona crisis, I may not be able to complete my bachelor’s on time. Can I still start in my master’s programme?".

Can I start with my FPN master for 2020-2021, even though I still need to obtain my FPN bachelor diploma?

It depends. See 'From BA to MA: graduation scenarios'.

From bachelor to FPN master

With a UM Bachelor's diploma Psychology, you are automatically admissible to the Master in Psychology  at FPN. To start the Master on 1 September you must have obtained your Bachelor's degree no later than 31 August. Please note that although you can graduate retrospectively, retrospective admission is not possible. You must provide proof of graduation before 1 September in order to start the Master.

If you intend to take the Master in Psychology and expect to graduate before 1 September you can apply for the Master now. Your application needs to be completed before the latest application date (1 June). This deadline also applies to students with a UM Bachelor’s diploma in Psychology. You need to apply for the Master in Psychology via Studielink. Consult the Student Services Centre for step-by-step description of the registration process 

You can choose one of these six specialisations:

  • Psychology and Law
  • Work and Organisational Psycholog
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Neuropsychology
  • Health and Social Psychology

Please note: Other application deadlines apply for the Master in Forensic Psychology and the Research Master specialisations.

In September , the admission- procedure and requirements can be found on the webpages of the different Master programmes. From October 2017 onwards, it will be possible to apply for these programmes in Studielink for the 2018-2019 academic year.

From Bachelor to non-um Master

Should you want to apply for a Master at another university, these statements might be needed for your application. Some master programmes might ask for more information on the clinical, developmental or personality psychology elements of your bachelor programme.  You can print this letter  "Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology or Personality Psychology in the UM Bachelor in Psychology"  for this purpose.

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