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[archive] Electives in the Bachelor 2017-2018


The bachelor electives take place in periods one, two and three of the third year, in this case the academic year 2017-2018. FPN Students have to obtain a total of 24 European credits (ECTS) for their elective program.

Grades obtained for FPN electives are not used in the calculation of the GPA.  This also applies to non-FPN students.

Allocation results 2017-2018

Allocation results of 29-06-2017 (v1.a)

Elective Guide

See the Elective Guide 2017 for all information about the electives 2017-2018.

Updated in version 3:

There are some minor changes in the following sections:
3.1 (manual for special course approval);
3.4 (registration for PSY3379);
4 (number of electives needed for two minors)

Updated in version 2:
  • Correction of course title PSY3378 (Intercultural Awareness);
  • Coordinator added to PSY3379 (The Professional in Psychology: An Internship);
  • Addition of new elective PSY3380 (Mental-preneurship);
  • Update of Special Course Approval procedure (section 3.1)

Dates & Deadlines

Electives 2017-2018 
10-11-20161st Information meeting
01-05-2017Registration open
15-06-2017 13:00End of registration
01-07-2017Publication of allocation


Allocation results of 29-06-2017 (v1.a)

Elective Guide 2017 v3  of 13-06-2017 (v.03)

Slides presentation of the meeting on 28-03-2017

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Electives coordinator      Annemiek Vermeeren     

Mail: Contact via AskPsy
Phone: 043-3881952
Room: A2.738

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