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Register your courses and exams

By default, you must register for courses and exams yourself. Check the table below to see what applies to you. 



You can only attend courses or exams for which you have a valid registration. This registration will give you access to the course materials, such as the course manual and recordings.
Register online via the Student Portal during the designated registration windows. The Student Portal will notify you when registration is open.

You must register for all courses, (connected) labs, skill trainings, exams and resits that you take in an academic year. See the course overview for the courses in your programme.
Please note: The registration interface may also show you courses from other years or other programmes that you are not required to take.

From 1 June each year, you can register for your courses for the whole year. By registering in advance, you reduce the risk of not being able to attend a course. It is your responsibility to register for courses and exams, so make sure you do not miss any registration deadlines! If you decide not to attend a course, don't forget to deregister!

If you have not taken a course in the previous year(s) but have met the attendance requirement, you only need to take the exam. Rather than registering just for the exam, we recommend that you register for the whole course (which always includes the first exam). This will give you access to the course materials from the start of the period.


You must register for courses (and connected practicals) and exams (including resits) yourself if you follow one of these programmes:

  • - Bachelor Psychology year 1, 2 & 3 (cohort 2023-2024 and earlier) 
    - Bachelor Psychology year 1: period 4, 5 & 6 (cohort 2024-2025)
    - Bachelor Brain Science year 1: period 4, 5 & 6 (cohort 2024-2025)
    - Master Psychology
    - Research Master Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience
    - Master Forensic Psychology

The Education Office registers all courses and exams (incl. practicals and resits) for:

  • - Bachelor Psychology cohort 2024-2025 period 1, 2 & 3 (from period 4 onwards you need to register your courses and exams yourself). 
    - Bachelor Brain Science cohort 2024-2025 period 1, 2 & 3 (From period 4 onwards you will need to register for your courses and exams yourself). 
    - International Joint Master of Research in Industrial and Organisational Psychology
    - Master Mental Health
    - Pre-Master Mental Health
    - Pre-Master Psychology
    - Exchange students (incoming)


Focus points


1 - All courses, practicals    
and skill trainings.

• A course registration always includes the first exam. You do not need to register for the first exam separately.

• A course registration does not include the corresponding practicals. You also need to register for those modules yourself.

• Third-year bachelor Psychology students (also those who take electives at another faculty in the Netherlands or abroad):
for period 1 you need to register for Skills V (PSY/IPN3131), the corresponding practicals Portfolio (PSY/IPN3159) and
Quick Career Advice (PSY/IPN3160), and of course the courses in period 4, 5 and 6.

• Courses that have entrance requirements can only be booked once the entrance requirement has been fulfilled. Courses with entrance requirements are: Portfolio Practicals, Research Practical PSY2027/IPN2027, Statistics II (PSY/IPN2028)Statistics III (PSY/IPN3008), 
and Psychodiagnostics (PSY/IPN3109). 
See art. 4.2 of the Education and Examination Regulation for details.

• Master Psychology, specialization Work & Organisational Psychology: make sure to book Research Methods (PSY4094).

• There are courses where your preference matters, see below for more information.

2 – Exam & resit -

• Most courses offer two exam opportunities per academic year: a (first) exam directly after the course, and a resit later in the year. A course registration
always includes the first exam. You do not need to register for the first exam separately.

In case you did not pass the (first) exam, there is a second exam (resit) later in the year. To register for any resit, use the exam registration window of the period 
in which the resit takes place.

Both exam opportunities are open to students who still need to pass the exam, but already have fulfilled the attendance requirement.

In case you did not fulfill the attendance requirement, you cannot participate in the resit. (This is not applicable for Ba Psychology cohort 2024-2025).

See the exam schedule for the exact dates, times and locations of resits.

The repeat education sessions might help you to prepare for the exam.


What not to register for

Certain courses in various programmes are registered by the Education Office. If you register yourself for one of these courses, this is not a problem and the course does not need to be deregistered.

2024-2025 Specific courses that will be registered by the Education Office:

Bachelor Psychology:    

Cohort 2023-2024 and before: 
Elective courses at FPN (year 3) including any resits
Thesis PSY/IPN3014
Proefpersoonverplichting / Experimental Obligation PSY/IPN3442

Cohort 2024-2025:
All courses in period 1, 2 and 3 (cohort 2024-2025)

Bachelor Brain Science:

All courses in period 1, 2 and 3

Master Psychology:

All courses in period 1 (cohort 2024/2025)
Elective course PSY9101 to PSY9114
Academic Skills PSY4775
Research Internship PSY4178/PSY4179/PSY4180/PSY4181/PSY4147/PSY4148
Master's Thesis PSY4091/PSY4149
Research Proposal PSY4142/PSY4080 (NP)
Clinical Internship PSY4083
Clinical Supervision PSY4084
Clinical Activities Report PSY4085

Research Master Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience:

Year 1 (cohort 2024/2025): All courses in period 1
Research Grant Writing Workshop PSY4114
Research Internship PSY5120/PSY5121/PSY5122/PSY5123
Research Proposal PSY5107/PSY5108
Master's Thesis PSY5103/PSY5109
Clinical Internship PSY5104/PSY5111
Minor's Thesis PSY5105

Master Forensic Psychology:

Year 1: All courses in period 1 (cohort 2024/2025)
Research Internship PSY5609/PSY5612
Clinical Internship PSY5604
Master's Thesis PSY5603
Research Proposal PSY5607
Clinical Activities Report PSY5606
Professional Reflections & Observations PSY5611


Courses where your preference matters

Some parts of the curriculum in certain programmes require you to make a choice. In most cases, you will need to register yourself for the course(s) you have chosen.

2024-2025 Courses where your preference matters that you need to register for:

Bachelor Psychology: 

Year 1 (students who started in 2023/2024 or before)
register one option for 'Discover Psychology' (PSY/IPN1029) 
PSY/IPN1029A Psychology in Society
PSY/IPN1029B Meet your Brain
PSY/IPN1029C Drugs and the Brain
PSY/IPN1029D Mind your Body

In year 3 (cohort 2021/2022 or before):
Choose your practical for the course 'Action' (PSY/IPN3012):

PSY/IPN3012A Action, register with practical IPN/PSY3155 Group Decisions
PSY/IPN3012B Action, register with practical IPN/PSY3156 Neuronal Basis of Decision Making

In year 3 (cohort 2021/2022 or before):
choose your practical for the course PSY/IPN3109 'Psychodiagnostics':
PSY/IPN3109A Psychodiagnostics, register with practical PSY/IPN3157 Constructing a Psychological Test

PSY/IPN3109B Psychodiagnostics, register with practical PSY/IPN3158 The diagnostic Cycle 

Research Master Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience        

To be registered by you:

  • PSY4163 Applied Statistics II: Capita Selecta A

  • PSY4164 Applied Statistics II: Capita Selecta B

  • PSY4165 Applied Statistics II: Capita Selecta C

You can sign up for one of these three courses after the information session on this topic (will be held around December).

Register for PSY4156 Course Elective, PSY4157 Review Elective PSY4158 Research Elective via the Electives coordinator. See Electives.  

Information Sessions

In your timetable you might see a module called 'Information Session'. Information sessions are scheduled to provide information on various topics related to your studies, such as internships, electives or the MARBLE programme. Sessions are added to the timetable as they become available. The module will be visible on your Academic Work but will not affect your study results.

The 'Information Session' will appear in My Timetable with the codes PSY5555, PSY5556, PSY5557 (Bachelor), PSY6000 (Master), PSY7000 (Research Master), PSY8000 (Master Forensic Psychology). The Education Office will register you for these sessions.


See this video:


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Please contact the Education Office if you have questions about course or exam registration.  Report any technical problems when trying to register immediatly. If you report a problem after the registration window has expired, the token regulation will be applied.

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