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If you started in 2014-2015 or before

If you started your present programme in 2014-2015 or earlier, the Education Office will book all your courses, first exams and (where needed) resits. This applies to your current study programme.

 If you did your Bachelor's at FPN and are now starting one of our Masters, "if you started in 2015-2016 or later" applies to you.

The Education Office will also book any failed courses and failed exams of previous years. This might result in conflicting timetables or exam schedules.  FPN is not responsible for any study delay caused by this. Courses or exams that have been booked for you will be visible in the Student Portal. Please notify the Education Office if you think there has been an error.

About the Information Sessions

In your timetable you might see a module called ‘Information Session’. Information sessions are planned to give information about diverse topics related to your studies such as internships, electives or MARBLE programme. The sessions will be added to the schedule when appropriate. The module is visible on your Academic Work but has no influence on the study results.

It appears in My Timetable with the codes PSY5555, PSY5556, PSY5557 (Bachelor), PSY6000 (Masters), PSY7000 (Research Master), PSY8000 (Master Forensic Psychology). The  Education Office books these for you.

•Check your bookings periodically and make screen shots for your own administration.
•See the academic calendar for a visual overview of the academic year.
•A course or exam booking will give you access to the course materials.
•The combination of current courses with courses from previous years can lead to conflicting timetables or exam schedules. The provisional schedule can give you an indication of the likelyhood of this. FPN is not responsible for any study delay caused by this.

This page provides a summary. See the  Course/Exam registration procedure regulations (all programmes)  for the entire procedure.

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Please contact the Education Office if you have questions about course or exam registration..

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