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Compensating results

Compensation rules in the Bachelor

COVID-19 related changes

• As part of the measures to reduce study load as a result of COVID-19,  Psychodiagnostics can now also be compensated.

• A list of courses with a temporary 'pass/fail' evaluation can be found at Exams and Grades.


Compensating results: only in the Bachelor


During your Bachelor, it is possible to compensate ONE insufficiently graded course with another course. This is truely a one-time opportunity, which applies to courses with a numerical grade (1...10).

Please read the Rules and Regulations for the details. Below an excerpt of the formal rules.

•  A grade of 5.0 may be compensated with a grade of 8.0 or higher. In the bachelor’s programme, only one insufficient grade of 5.0 can be compensated.

• A grade of 4.5 or lower cannot be compensated. • Insufficient grades for Skills training, Research Practical, electives (see article 3.7 of the Education and Examination Regulations) and the bachelor’s thesis cannot be compensated or be used as compensation.

• Statistics parts (Methods & Techniques, Statistics I, Statistics II and Statistics III) cannot be compensated, but can be used as compensation.

• A course with an insufficient grade worth 3 ECTS can be compensated with a course of 6 ECTS (but not the other way around). Once a request for compensation has been submitted and granted, it cannot be reversed.

• A course with an insufficient grade can only be compensated when the following requirements are met:
 a. the attendance requirement has been fulfilled,
 b. all practical parts have been passed if applicable, and
c. both courses have at least the same number of credits (courses of 5 or 6 ECTS are considered equal with regard to compensation).
Requirements a and b apply to the compensated course, as well as to the course used to compensate with.


Implications of the new 'pass/fail' -grading for 'Men and Machine' / 'Mens en Machine'

Starting 2018-2019, IPN2026 'Men and Machine' / PSY2026 'Mens en Machine' will be graded with a pass or fail. For this reason, the course now falls outside the compensation regulation.

For resit candidates (2017-2018 or earlier), the grading type depends on the attendance obligation.
• Attendance obligation already fulfilled -> your exam (resit) will still be graded on a ten point scale. Compensation regulation applies.
• Attendance obligation not yet fulfilled -> your course/exam will be graded with a pass/fail.


No compensation in the Masters programmes

There are no compensation options for any of the FPN Master programmes.


Apply for the compensation via the online form.

• Once a compensation request has been entered, it cannot be changed or cancelled.
• When your request is approved, the compensation will be registered within 10 working days.
• The original grades will not change, the insufficient grade will show the addition ‘compensation’, and credits will be awarded. You can check this in your result transcript in My UM.

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