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Complaints, Appeals and Objections

Before contacting the Board of Examiners (BoE), please try to find the answer on AskPsy.nl. If you didn't find the answer you can contact the BoE via the contact form on AskPsy.nl, please include your name, ID number, study programme, and a clear description of your issue.

Depending on your issue, you could contact one of these parties to help find a solution:
• The course coordinator or programme coordinator via AskPsy.nl/contact.
• The BoE via AskPsy.nl/contact.
• The Academic Advisors  via AskPsy.nl/contact.
• The Student Council, for example if the issues relates to management decisions or impacts several students

If all of these attempts to get your issue solved failed, there is the option to file a formal objection, appeal or complaint.  
Complaint at: the Complaints Service Point (CSP).  The CSP is the UM centralized body for such formal objection, appeal or complaint. 
We always advise that you first discuss your situation with the person or body concerned internal at FPN. Often it is possible to resolve the matter together, without having to start formal proceedings at the UM central level.

TIP: It is counter productive to mail several people about the same issue. When needed, your issue will be forwarded or discussed.



A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction for which you cannot file an objection or an appeal. It is about an individual matter that concerns you. For example, complaints can be about:

  •     the quality of the education
  •     an educational facility
  •     how you have been spoken to or treated by an employee or student of the university

If several students have the same complaint, or if your complaint concerns a general matter, it may be useful to file a joint complaint.

Complaints about UM staff or students
If you want to file a formal complaint, contact the Complaints Service Point (CSP)   for more information. On their website, you can find more information and documents. See Complaint Service Point > Filing a complaint.


You can file an appeal if you do not agree with a written decision of, for example, the Board of Examiners or an examiner at your faculty. See Complaint Service Point > Filing an appeal.

Appeal a decision of the Board of Examiners

Within six weeks after a decision is announced by an examiner or the Board of Examiners, a person concerned can file an appeal against this decision with the Complaints Service Point (CSP)  of the UM. The appeal needs to be signed and dated and needs to bear the name and address of the petitioner, as well as the grounds for appeal and, if possible, include a copy of the decision against which the appeal is lodged.


You can file an objection if you do not agree with the written decision that has been taken by a body of the university such as the Executive Board (EB), for example decisions about your admission to the Bachelor's, registration or the applicable tuition fees. See Complaint Service Point > Filing a objection.

Related entities

Confidential Advisor
The office of the confidential advisor supports employees and students of Maastricht University who are confronted with unwanted behaviour (sexual harassment, aggression or violence) or unfair treatment and discrimination. The advisor will investigate any problem which has been brought to her attention by an employee or a student. She has the authority to request all information which is reasonably necessary in order to gain a clear insight into the nature and scope of the problem, and will advise you on how to proceed, or intervene on your behalf.  More >>

Counsellor Scientific Integrity

The UM has appointed  prof. dr. F. Palm  as counsellor for questions or complaints concerning scientific integrity. The counsellor will try to mediate in the complaint or otherwise to reach an amicable resolution. If this is not possible, he will guide the complainant to file the complaint to the Committee Scientific Integrity UM.   More >>

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