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Course Electives in the Research Master

What is a course elective?

Course Electives are courses you can follow outside of your regular Research Master specialisation.

Course Electives can be
- courses from other Research Master specialisations
- courses from tracks outside the FPN/FHML Research Master at Maastricht University, but at comparable Master level, or
- courses at other universities in The Netherlands or abroad (at comparable Master level).

You are required to take the initiative. Consult the Provisional Course Schedules of courses for each RM track, as well as the Course Catalogues on AskPsy here, or contact the course supervisor for external courses. Further, carefully check that the course meets the requirements of your RM specialisation, and that the course schedule does not conflict with your RM specialisation schedule. 

Applying for a UM course elective

IMPORTANT NOTICE: To apply for a Course Elective, send an email to the RM Electives coordinator, in which you specify the PSY-code of the course, the period in which the course is offered and who is the course coordinator. Also list your ID number and in which RM track you are currently enrolled. Your application will be forwarded to the RM Electives coordinator, who, in possible consultation with the Board of Examiners, makes a final decision of acceptance that depends on eligibility, course content and study load.

Please note that the RM Electives coordinator will NOT check for schedule conflicts - this is your responsibility. To allow time for scheduling, please fill out the form at least 6 weeks before the selected course starts. You will receive feedback via email on whether your application was successful. If your application is approved, you do not need to register or book yourself for the course.

Notice about Forensic Psychology: The Forensic Psychology Master has no vacancy for Course Elective students this year!

Applying for a non-UM course elective or individuel elective

When you find a course that is offered externally by another University or you want to take an individual elective, fill out the Application form for non-UM electives. Please hand in the signed (!) via https://www.askpsy.nl/ticketoffice

Available Course Electives

1) Consult the Provisional Course Schedules of courses for each RM track, as well as the Course Catalogues on AskPsy here
2) Below is a listing of Course Electives that are offered outside of the RM curricula. Details about content, registration and grading are provided on their respective AskPsy pages (just click the link of the course).
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