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Digital Exams

FPN has been using digital exams since 2019-2020, both for on campus and remote exams.

What you should know about the Testvision software

•  Familiarize yourself with the Testvision software by taking the demo exam.  Use your UM account to login. Caveat: put a lowercase 'i' in front of your username. For example 'i610392'.

• Each  exam question has a text box for your feedback. You may use this text box to give feedback about the content, wording, or potential grading of the question. Please voice any initial questions or concerns here. The examinator will be able to see this feedback after the exam. Please do not use this feedback space to answer the exam question. Make sure to keep an eye on the time left for your exam, so that you have enough time to answer all the questions on your exam.

• After submitting your exam, you will see the preliminary results for any multiple choice questions.



What you should know about on-campus exams

•  Chromebooks do not support any foreign special characters. If your password contains foreign characters or one of the following symbols – €, ^, ~, £ -, we advise changing your password prior to your exam. Change your password via MyAccount.

• Wait for permission from the invigilator to leave your seat. Do not close the Chromebook. Any attempt at typing or talking with other students at this time will be reported to the Board of Examiners.

More information:
UM Library: Prepare for your on site exams >>

UM Library: After the exam (inspection) >>

UM Library: Frequently Asked Questions >>


What you should know about remote exams

•   FPN not use audio-visual monitoring of you and your environment, also known as 'proctoring’.

•  Check your internet connection: wired is better than wifi, a hotspot on your phone could be your backup. See UL Digital Exams > prepare your exam for more practical tips.

• At least 30 minutes beforehand, but often 24 hours in advance, you will see the actual exam in the Testvision overview. Until your final submit ('ready' > 'yes'), you can still change the given answers.

• When you start  the exam, you need to agree to the "Declaration and Statement of Authorship and Academic Integrity". Tip: read it here ( EN | NL) to save time. Also, you will have to enter a phone number where we can reach you. We ask you to stay available via (mobile) phone for 90 minutes after the exam has ended. See the declaration for more information.

 •  Emergency contact number: From 1 hour before the exam until 15 minutes after the exam: call FPN Exams team +31 43 - 38 84 013.

More information:
UM Library: Prepare for your remote exams >>
UM Library: After the exam (inspection) >>
UM Library: Frequently Asked Questions >>


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