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Electives in the Bachelor 2022-2023

For whom is this page?

This page is for Bachelor students who are taking their electives courses in the academic year 2022-2023.  If you started your bachelor programme in September 2020, that's you.


In periods 1, 2 and 3 of the 3rd-year of the Bachelor, you are given the opportunity to take electives. It may consists of four independent elective courses offered by FPN. You can also take courses or minor programs outside FPN, for example at other faculties or universities. You have to obtain a total of 24 European credits (ECTS) for your elective program.

Grades obtained for FPN electives are not used in the calculation of the GPA.  This also applies to non-FPN students.

Dates & Deadlines

Electives 2022-2023
All deadlines will also be announced via canvas.
9 December 2021

1st Information session on electives.
Watch the information session or view PDF with presentations

11 January 2022
Additional Q and A on Electives Abroad. Watch >>
25 March 2022Form 'Electives Abroad' available >>
1 April 2022

Elective guide 2022-2023 available
Elective Guide 2022-2023 v003 of 12-07-2022

April/May 20222nd Information session on electives. Watch >> 
10 May 2022Courses and Course Descriptions available
1 June -> 1 July 2022 13:00h

Registration period  for FPN electives
-The allotment is not based on "First Come, First Served".

15 July 2022Publication of allocation results

2022-2023 FPN Electives Allocation Results, v001 of 15-07-2022 (6 Mb)





Electives coordinator: Judith Peters    

Mail: j.peters maastrichtuniversity.nl
Phone: 84272
Room: OXF S1.018

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