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Psychological Citizenship Project (PSY3390)

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This module will invite you to become more psychologically literate, to be able to apply psychological science to complex professional and societal problems. In doing so, students will gather relevant insights from one or more applied psychological disciplines such as work and organizational psychology, educational psychology, health and clinical psychology, legal psychology, applied cognitive neuroscience.

Students will work in small teams together with stakeholders outside academia (e.g., businesses, NGOs) on authentic, locally meaningful problems. You will be matched with a stakeholder at the start of the project. Individually, you will be challenged to grow a (social) entrepreneurial mindset by imagining how you could creatively put your psychological competences to use in your field of interest after graduation.

Application steps

• Submit your choice(s) via the FPN electives application form

Select this elective option "Psychological Citizenship Project (PSY3390)" as your first choice on the FPN electives application form.

As this internship will be for 12 ECTS, you have to complete additional elective courses for 12 ECTS in total. When you want to do these additional electives at FPN, indicate the total number of courses you need including PSY3390. Select PSY3390 as your first preference, followed by the other electives you prefer.

TImeline and deadlines

Timeline and deadlines FPN & UM Electives 2023-2024 (Sept. 2023 - Feb. 2024)
including additional dates for the electives with an internship

March 2023  Clinical Psychology package or 
Internship "Professional in Psychology": 
Interested in this elective? Inform the coordinator.  Start looking for a place to do your internship
   April 2023
  FPN Electives: Course descriptions available

Mon. 17 April 2023  

FPN electives: registration for electives opens

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All submissions have an equal chance to get their preferred elective(s).

If you want to do the Clinical Psychology package or the Internship "Professional in Psychology", submit the form as soon as possible.

Wed. 17 May 2023
23:59 hrs
  Clinical Psychology package or 
Internship "Professional in Psychology": 
last date to register for this FPN elective.

Found an internship place? Congratulations! 
Use this form to send us the details.

Thu. 1 June 2023  

UM faculties: registration for electives and minors opens
Use 'special course request' in the student portal.

Sat. 17 June 2023
23:59 hrs
  Clinical Psychology package: last day to submit the contract. 
Fri. 23 June 2023
23:59 hrs
  FPN electives: registration closes 
Fri. 30 June 2023
23:59 hrs
  UM electives and minors: registration closes

14 July 2023  FPN electives: allocation result available
Mid July 2023  "Internship Professional in Psychology":
Once the coordinator has approved your internship, you may begin.
January 2024  "Internship Professional in Psychology":
Last month to hand in the written report.
Email it to the elective coordinator.


Assessment by a group product, individual and group presentation and an individually written report.


FAQ and Contact

See 'FAQ and Contact' page
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