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Covid-19 related information


Zoom for students

You can use the UM Zoom service to create your own meetings.
Go to zoom.us and sign up with your UM email address (@student.maastrichtuniversity.nl) and a different password.

► GDPR approved.
► Better security settings in comparison with the "free" Zoom.
► UM Address book


See the 'Online education at UM' >>  and IT-support >>


Name & URL

 What it is.  Where to get help
StudentportalStudentportal, your first stop for personalised info  

 Online learning environment from Blackboard




Former student environment. Still in use for creating transcripts, re-registration to continue your study and admission to the master programme.

UM accountThe combination of student number and password lost password or locked account: myaccount.maastrichtuniversity.nl
UM E-mailYour student.maastrichtuniversity.nl address Setting up mail
Student desktop anywhereRemote desktop with UM software  
I-drive (networkdrive)Personal storage of 250 within UM account  


See also:

UM Website: Manuals for UM ICT services

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