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Facility services

There are Reception desks at the entrances of UNS40, UNS50 and Oxfordlaan.

Top up machines for UM card

  • With Debit card:
    UNS40 (Universiteitssingel 40) Left and right of the mensa and in FPN hallway
    UNS50 (Universiteitssingel 50) Opposite reception on level 1
    UL (University Library) Randwijck on Level 2
  • With cash:
    Use the machine opposite the reception desk of UNS40

UM Card

Lost or stolen card

The first action is to contact UMcard to block your balance. Phone 020 8382002. Next, contact the information desk UNS40 to see if someone found your card.

  • Apply for a new card.
    The fastest way is to do this online. Fill in the form 'Declaration of loss/theft/defect UMcard' and e-mail it to servicepoint-fs maastrichtuniversity.nl
  • Within a few days, the new card can be collected at the information desk UNS40. It wil cost you €11,50, which you pay when you collect the card.
    Tip: the internal UM post is collected at 14:00h. The online form is the fastest route.
  • See also: UM website

Tip: lost your Dutch ID-card or passport?
Contact your municipality. They handle the loss report and can issue a new identity document.



Lost and found items

Most found items are delivered to one of the reception desks. After a few days, all 'Randwijck' items go to the reception of the UNS60. Items are kept for three months.

  • Contact the reception desk. When you visited more locations, contact them all.
  • Call Facility Services (020 8382002) to see if someone reported it.
  • Let the reception of UNS60 know what you've lost.
  • Get back in touch after a few days and contact the reception of UNS60.

For items lost outside the UM, you could contact the City of Maastricht.

Keys to certain rooms


First Aid

All informations desks have a first aid kit and an AED. They can also alert the incident response team (BHV).
In case of an emergency, dail 043 83 81333.

Repair requests

Sometimes things brake or just don't work as it should. If it concerns the building, like a faulty toilet or broken lights, please report it to Facility Services. Either via the Information Desk or directly by phone ( 043 3882002) or e-mail (servicepoint-fs maastrichtuniversity.nl)


Lockers Lockers can be found on the ground floor of the UNS40 and near the University Library. The lockers can be used free of charge. To use a locker you have to make up your own PIN code. Make sure you clear your locker at the end of the day, because the lockers will automatically open in the evening.

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