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FAQ for students (COVID-19)

This page addresses FPN specific questions and answers, as an addition to the UM wide FAQ's. At the moment, we have an FAQ for Master students available.

UM FAQ for students
UM FAQ for employees
UM FAQ on IT-support

Traveling home will be extra expensive given the pandemic. Can UM provide support?

Please see the UM webpage COVID-19 Update #16 for further details.


How am I supposed to learn the relevant facts from the books when I cannot access the library?

This is a great question to post in the Discussion Board of your current courses, so that your course coordinator and peers can respond.


What about students with small kids? What solutions do you offer for them?

UM cannot provide solutions for student childcare. Please look into any asynchronous instruction opportunities that your online courses may offer (i.e. rewatching video clips later; participating in an online course discussion at a time that fits your schedule). Please stay in touch with your course coordinator about any issues that you encounter.

What online tools are available? Can I use software [x]?

See the 'Online education at UM' >>  and IT-support >>

SPSS: get a personal license via  Surfspot (10 euro).
Matlab: use Student Desktop Anywhere Client. (Not the browser version)
Brainvoyager: please contact your supervisor.
File exchange (large files): SURFDrive. Contact the ICTS-servicedesk to get an account.

Access to datashares (RDM): use UMdrive.  See also: Code of conduct UM drive.
Contact your supervisor if you need to share research data.


If I go home, will time differences be taken into account with online education?

The UM wide FAQ answers this question. We (FPN) are aware that time zones can be an issue when providing online education or exams. We take this into consideration when planning the exams and when needed we will look for tailored solutions.


I want to travel home given the Corona virus pandemic. What steps should I take?

We understand that you may wish to travel back home. We recommend that you make this decision based on advice from your home institution/government, family, and local health officials to guarantee your safety and wellbeing. If you prefer to stay, or cannot return home (yet), then you can stay in Maastricht. If you are asked or wish to return home, kindly inform us about your leaving date, and whether or not you wish to complete your courses and exams remotely.

If you are leaving, please check the ‘departure guidelines’ in our previous email  [awaiting IRO to deliver this], and the FAQ’s for ‘incoming exchange students’ on the main UM page on COVID-19. E.g. for questions on terminating your room in the UM Guesthouse, visa, travelling home.

Please follow the instructions and keep yourself updated through the UM COVID-19 page and the FPN COVID-19 page for FPN specific information on (academic) arrangements. We will inform you of any significant changes.


Will exchanges in Fall 2020 proceed?

We are constantly monitoring the situation and discussing possible consequences for student exchange programmes and internships abroad.  At some point, have to decide whether the exchange programmes can proceed but that point has not been reached yet.
Worst-case scenario, should UM have to decide that Fall 2020 exchange programmes will be suspended, you will be able to participate in the elective programme at FPN (or another UM faculty). So please do not worry about a study delay.


How should I prepare for my studies and stay abroad in Fall 2020?

So far, no decision has been made about the Fall 2020 exchange programmes abroad. We therefore ask you to proceed with the application to your host university hoping that we will soon be in a position to resume activities as usual. Still, depending on how the situation will evolve, it may not be possible to travel abroad.

We understand that it is important for you to know whether you will be able to study abroad as soon as possible, considering the preparations you need to make (sub-letting your room, renting a room abroad, visa application, travel plans, language course preparation, etc.). We hope we will soon be able to give more information.

We strongly advise you not to make any preparations involving costs (e.g. booking a flight, renting a room), to avoid financial consequences. Again, do make sure to apply to your host university (and to apply for courses, if required at this stage) by the stipulated deadlines.

Do I need to book my courses for period 5 and 6?

Yes. As usual, book your courses. A course booking always includes the exam right after the course.

How do I cancel a course?

The normal procedure applies, which means that you can cancel during the course registration period.


Do I need to register for any of the (postponed) exams?

No. The Education Office registers you for the exams and resits that you still need to pass.

How do I cancel an exam or a resit?

Please notify us via this online form. This is not mandatory, but it helps us to better organise the online exams. Cancelled exams/resits have no effect on your GPA.


Bachelor students

I received a BSA warning (WSA). What happens if I cannot meet the specific requirements of the BSA during the remainder of academic year 2019-2020?

If you do not meet the Binding Study Advice, a postponement will be granted. Please see the UM webpage Information on the coronavirus (COVID-19) for further details.


Why are the P4 exams and the P2 + P3 resits postponed? 

Not all students are currently in a situation to study in an optimal way, teachers are still very busy moving their face-to-face courses to online platforms and not all exams are yet online proof. 

Also, between 31 March and 4 April 2020, the first 'remote' exams take place in the Research Master program and at other UM faculties. We will use these experiences to decide what type of 'remote' exams suit the Bachelor programme best, taking into account that the number of students is much larger. Unfortunately, it will take some time before we can communicatie the planning and formats of the exams. Please be reassured that we are working hard on this. 

All master students

I am doing my research internship outside UM and my internship supervisor has advised me to stop my data collection. Now what?

Please discuss with your faculty supervisor what options you have.

What about internal research internships at FPN?

Please discuss with your faculty supervisor what options you have.

I am doing my research internship abroad. Should I come back?

Please adhere to the UM guidelines , and be in touch with both your UM internship supervisor and the FPN International Relations Office (fpn-iro-outgoing@maastrichtuniversity.nl) about your plans.

Can I still go on an internship abroad in 2020?

Please adhere to the UM guidelines.

I cannot finish my clinical internship, but I need these hours in order to continue my education after the Master. Can I finish somehow?

More information will be announced later. Please check this page regularly for updates.

Can I extend my (research/clinical) internship?

Extending your internship is always possible, but we do not advise it as you will have to re-register (extra tuition fees). The measures outlined above provide you with the opportunity to finish your research internship this academic year.


What are the alternative options for the master thesis?

We encourage you to discuss creative alternatives for your master thesis with your internship supervisors. We have formulated five possible alternatives below to get you started. Please discuss with your first supervisor what fits best for your research field and project situation.

    ⦿ Theoretical thesis: Literature review OR Critical review of target papers.

    ⦿ Hybrid1: Intro and Method according to proposed research plus discussion of hypothetical outcomes.

    ⦿ Hybrid2: Intro and Method according to proposed research plus an analysis of old/existing data.

    ⦿ Hybrid3: Intro and Method according to proposed research plus Modeling data.

    ⦿ Internet-based empirical thesis about your (new) online research.

You might think of other solutions together with your first supervisor.

    Good to know
       • No new ERCPN (ethical board) approval is needed. Please do inform the Ethical Board and your internship supervisors by email if you change the data collection.
       • No new research proposal is needed, should you change the research.

The measures outlined above make it possible for master students to graduate on schedule.


I have other questions about my internship. Whom should I contact?

Please contact your FPN internship supervisor by email.



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