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Supervision and assessment

On this page:
- Who assesses what?
- ECTS overview
- Qualification requirements for supervisors
- BAPD reviewers

Who assesses what?

Element of the internship Evaluated bysMethodd
Minor thesis

second supervisor
(= UM supervisor)

10-point scale, half point increments
Clinical internship

first supervisor


Clinical activities report

second supervisor
(= UM supervisor)
RM-PP and RM-NP: pass/fail

FM and MA NP:
10-point scale, half point increments
Case reports BAPD  BAPD-reviewer 


ECTS overview

How many ECTS you are able to receive for an element of your internship, depends on your programme and type of internship.
Element of the internship FMall 1Y MA1Y MA NP
with clinical
with clinical
Research internship proposal25
(incl Acad. Skills.)
Practical part of the research internship    28
Master’s thesis101071410
Clinical research proposal*-N/A-1
Clinical internship16-14-15
Minor thesisN/A-N/A-4
Clinical activities report4-3-*
Clinical supervision meetings*-2-*

hyphen or 'N/A' = activity is not a part of  the programme.
* = no separate ECTS for this activity

Qualification requirements for supervisors

[under construction]


BAPD reviewers

Several staff members are accredited to review your case reports for the BAPD:
• Stefanie Duyvis
• Sven Stapert
• Christine Resch
• Caroline van Heugten
• Esther Keulers
• Ieke Winkens
• Petra Hurks
• Max Colombi

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