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The research proposal

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- Who has to make a research proposal?
- Practical requirements
- Submitting the research proposal


Who has to make a research proposal?

Before you actually start your research, you need to complete a research proposal. The research proposal must be submitted within 6 weeks after the first day of the the research internship.

This research proposal is evaluated by both your first and second supervisor. Only if this proposal is approved by both supervisors/assessors, you may start with your internship research.

Practical requirements

1-year Master:

Between 1600 and 2800 words (4-7 pages),
excluding reference list and timetable.

Research Master and
Forensic Master
Between 2.500 and 3.000 words,
excluding the list of references.

You can use large parts of the research proposal for the introduction and method section of your master’s thesis.

A research proposal consists of the following parts:

  • a brief theoretical background of the research
  • the question(s) addressed by the research
  • a description of the research plan
  • a description of the research methods to be applied
  • a description of the techniques to be used for the processing and analyzing of data
  • a description of how ethical permission for the study will be (or has been) obtained. 
  • a reference list
  • a timetable

ERCPN request for approval 

[New procedure as from academic year 2020-2021]

The principally responsible investigator, who is in charge of design and procedure, is responsible for obtaining the ethical permission. Typically, this is first author of any formal publications.

• Research at FPN:  The principally responsible investigator (FPN scientific staff or PhD-student) arranges
mandatory permission at the Ethics Review Committee Psychology and Neuroscience (ERCPN) or the Medical Ethics Review Committee (METC).

• Research at FHML and elsewhere: The principally responsible investigator arranges ethical approval at their faculty,
institute or other based on the applicable laws and regulations.

In your Internship Research Proposal, you address how ethical permission for the study will be (or has been) obtained. No approval letters need to be submitted to ERCPN. You can always contact ERCPN if you have questions or need advice.


Submitting the research proposal

The research proposal must be submitted within 6 weeks of commencing the research internship. Upload the final version of your research proposal via DorsWebApp.  Go to My internship(s) and use the Cloud icon with the up arrow in the column "Document(s)" to upload your research proposal. If you want to receive feedback on your first version, you can discuss this with your supervisor(s). First version(s) can be sent via e-mail to your supervisor(s). Only the final version should be uploaded via DorsWebApp. 

For Master Mental Health: uploading via DorsWebApp is not possible yet for MMH students. Follow the instructions described in the announcement from Pauline Dibbets. In short for MMH: upload your file in Canvas and e-mail to both assessors and fpn-internshipmmh@maastrichtuniversity.nl.  
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