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Laboratory Animal Sciences (LAS)


Saskia Seeldrayers
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This 3 credits workshop for students of Fundamental Neuroscience (FN) and Drug Development & Neurohealth (DN) will teach careful and responsible use of laboratory animals in biomedical research. Next to technical and methodological aspects of planning and execution of animal experiments, time is spent on ethical considerations, well-being of animals and alternatives for animal research. This workshop offers you a series of lectures on Laboratory Animal Science (Alternatives, Behaviour, Anatomy, Physiology, Genetics, Laws & Regulations, Ethics) + task assignments focusing on designing procedures and projects, the proper choice of an animal model and the 3Rs (replacement, reduction and refinement). The workshop consists of a basic course and species-specific modules, i.e. theory and practical part. In the practical part you learn to perform procedures on animals in specific modules. This includes basic and appropriate biology (species specific), minimally invasive procedures (species specific) and principles of surgery. In period 3 of the 1st RM year the specialization coordinators of FN and DN will organize an information session for students on how to apply for this course.

How to apply

This course is for FN/DN 2nd year RM students only! Carefully check the Requirements (below) to see whether you are eligible to participate. If you meet the requirements, fill out the LAS Application Form that you received from the FN or DN track coordinator.

RequirementsA Bachelor degree in a biological or zootechnical discipline OR knowledge of the basic subjects of biology of at least 18.75 ECTS in total, including at least 7.5 ECTS on anatomy/zoology and 7.5 ECTS on physiology. Thus to be able to participate in this workshop, you need to prove that you have had sufficient training in anatomy and physiology. All students have to provide a list of courses that they completed. In addition, you have to take an additional exam to check if your knowledge of anatomy or physiology is sufficient. Literature will be provided and you can study these topics at home and participate in this exam before the workshop. The workshop and its practical species-specific modules are only accessible for students who need a practical training to perform tasks during their research master internship; confirmation of an accepted internship with laboratory animals is required.

Notice: Taking the LAS course as a Course Elective will cost  you 3 credits from your RM Electives "budget". DN/FN students will then have 3 credits left to spend on another Course, Review or Research elective. Taking the LAS course as an external student (that is, outside of the RM Electives programme) requires payment of a course fee of EUR 1012.50. You will automatically be listed as external student if you have not enough credits left in your RM Electives "budget" for this course!

Time periodOctober 2021 
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