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In short

The UM MarBLe excellence programme offers talented and motivated third-year Bachelor students the opportunity to conduct their own research within a Research-Based Learning (MaRBLe) project.

Second year students with the best results (top 20% graded, about 40 to 60 students af FPN)  will be invited to join. Any unused spots are then open for application by not-invited students.




During a research project, you are introduced to theoretical aspects of conducting research within your field or discipline and you conduct your own research. The skills you develop within this project are useful for either a career in scientific research or research positions in business. Most students use their research project as the topic for their empirical bachelor's thesis.

The study load is as follows:

  • MaRBLe research project (12 ECTS) in periods 1, 2 and 3.
  • Own selection of elective courses for in total 12 ECTS total, in periods 1, 2 and 3..  Often students take2 courses of 6 ECTS each.

In the information sessions, coordinator Arie van der Lugt will explain MarBLe in detail.  The FPN MaRBLe facebooksite  also gives an idea of the projects,  and there are alsoMaRBLe pages on the UM website.

Application steps

In the first selection round, the second year Bachelor students with the best results (top 20% = between 40 and 60 students af FPN) will be invited to participate. The second round is open to all other second year Bachelor students. A motivation letter and a recommendation letter from your research practicum supervisor are needed to take part in this round.


If you think you should have been invited

There might be situations where you inadvertently did not receive an invitation, for instance:
- You have submitted an assignment that has not been assesed.
- You have an exemption for one or more courses

If this is the case, you can send a correction request to marble-fpnmaastrichtuniversity.nl.

TImeline and deadlines

Timeline and deadlines MaRBLe 2023-2024 (Sept. 2023 - Feb. 2024)
 First week May
   MaRBLe:  top 20% of students get an invitation to participate. 
24 May 2023
23:59 hrs.

MaRBLe:  application deadline for invited students

25 May 2023

 MaRBLe: second application for all other student opens
In this application round, all students can apply for any remaining spots. A motivation letter is part of the application form.

Mon. 5 June 2023
23:59 hrs
   Marble: Second application round closes


FAQ and Contact

See 'Curriculum > Bachelor Electives > FAQ and Contact'

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