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FPN Onboarding (formerly 'UM Systems')

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Self evaluation = attendance registration
Still questions? Missed the live stream?

In the training FPN Onboarding, we give you a short introduction of the way things work at FPN. Although you should be able to find the info on your own,  we hope you like these online sessions. Below you can find the videos and the websites we use.

Self evaluation = attendance registration

This Self Evaluation Form is also our attendance registration form. Complete the form to register your attendance.


Still questions? Missed the live stream?

If you still have questions after watching the videos, or if you missed the live stream, be welcome at  a hands-on meetings:

Thursday 9 September,    Akenzaal 11:00-12:30 or 13:30-15:00 hours
Thursday 16 September, Akenzaal 11:00-12:30 or 16:00-17:30 hours

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 The videos

The Academic Year

Links in this video:
Academic Calendar
Course catalogue

What to book

Links in this video:
Student Portal  |  Booking periods  | Forgot to book  |  Academic Calendar

How to book

Links in this video:
 Student Portal  |  Booking periods  | Forgot to book  |  Academic Calendar


Exams and Grades

Links in this video:
Exam schedules  |  Exam inspection

The Fine Print

Links in this video:
Rules and regulations

The Student Portal

Links in this video:

Research Participation Obligation
(only Bachelor)



Your personal university information

Student portal: studentportal.maastrichtuniversity.nl
Manage your UM-account: myaccount.maastrichtuniversity.nl
Set up your email: Student Portal -> Webmail
Webmail: mail.maastrichtuniversity.nl
Your timetable + sync  options: timetable.maastrichtuniversity.nl


Faculty Information

FPN Education Office: +31 43 38 84030
UM first aid: +31 43-38 755 66
UM student emergencies: +31 43 38 84444
Store these numbers in your phone.
See askpsy.nl/emergencie
Student Services Centre: https://www.maastrichtuniversity.nl/about-um/service-centres/student-services-centre
FPN Study Association:  Placebo. No known website...
Dutch Psychology Students' association: https://www.facebook.com/SPSNIPStedelijkBestuurMaastricht/


File Storage

Mailbox: max. 2 Gb
UM-drive: max. 2 Gb.
Attachments: max. 25 Mb.

Web based file access: umdrive.maastrichtuniversity.nl
Send large files: filesender.surf.nl


ICT Facilities

Your student desktop anywhere: maastrichtuniversity.nl/anywhere
Print online or via PC/Mac: myprint.maastrichtuniversity.nl
Free or cheap software:  https://www.maastrichtuniversity.nl/support/ict-services/software-personal-use

Dictionary:Online dictionary Van Dale
UM zoom account: sign up usging UM-email and different password zoom.us

More questions?
Contact us via AskPsy.nl/contact.

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