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Regulations (incl. EER/OER)

Education and Exam Regulations,  Rules and Regulations

Rules and
for all
for cohort
for cohort
for cohort
EER for
EER for
Bachelor (Dutch)R&RBaBaBaBaBa
Bachelor (English)R&RBaBaBaBaBa
1-year Master:R&R1Y Ma1Y Ma1Y Ma1Y Ma1Y Ma
Research Master:R&RRMRMRMRMRM
Forensic Master:R&RFMFMFMFMFM
Ma Mental Health:R&RMMH    


Derived from the OER: 2016-2017 Admission requirements 2nd_and 3rd year course


1: Examination and Education Regulation (EER) / Onderwijs- en Examenreglement (OER)

Every study programme has its own Examination and Education Regulation (EER), which is updated every academic year and applies to the entire curriculum. The EER of the year in which you start your studies applies to your entire study programme.

For example, the cohort of bachelor students who started their programme in 2015-16 will have to refer to the EER 2015-2016 for the requirements for graduation, regardless of the year in which they complete their studies.

2: Rules and regulations

The 'rules and regulations' apply to all students of a study programme, and are valid for one academic year only.

3: Rules of Procedure for Exams

The Rules of Procedure for exams  (English, v.2020) / Reglement van Orde (Dutch, v. 2020) is an UM-wide regulation that is determined by the Boards of Examiners of all UM faculties. Its aim is to ensure that all exams take place in an orderly fashion

Other regulations

 NameLink/FileDescription Date
Enrolment ProvisionsEN    NL

FoRMal descriptions of who can enroll for a UM Bachelor or Master programme

Student charterEN    NLAn overview of the rights and the obligations of students
Complaints and Disciplinary Procedures RegulationsEN    NL
Regeling ProfileringsfondsEN    NLExtra financial aid
FPN Code of ConductEN

Regulations regarding (reporting) inappropriate behaviour.

Code of ConductsEN    NL

Several guidelines of the VSNU (association of universities in the Netherlands), adopted by the UM.






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