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Research Support Department

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Assistance and support for scientific research
Are you faced with a large scale research project and/or a logistically more complex study (multicenter, longitudinal and patient research)? Then we are there for you! Our employees are involved in scientific research on a by-project basis. They assist with the logistic design of your research project and have experience with the practical execution of scientific research.

Test subject contact, logistic processes and more
RSD has ample knowledge of and experience with test subject contact (recruitment, motivation, specialist tests), logistic processes and data acquisition and modeling. Also, within the department a number of universal applications have been developed that can be widely applied during research. We also play a major part in GGZ academisation.

Make an appointment with Rosanne Janssen for more information or other matters


  • administrative organisation and logistic planning surrounding research, including
  • advice on general research design
  • translating general research plans to practical executable procedures
  • designing logistic processes surrounding data acquisition
  • guarding and adjusting logistic processes
  • coordination of large-scale research (e.g. multicentre trials), including
  • instructing various executors
  • coordinating processes in various locations
  • identifying/adjusting insufficiencies
  • contributing to reports for grant providers and ethical committees
  • implementation/execution, including
  • recruiting test subjects
  • collecting stimuli (images or words)
  • data acquisition, processing and management
  • data mining and basic statistical processing
  • supporting scientific verification
  • client contact, including
  • conducting interviews (e.g. specialist tests)
  • acting as test supervisor during lab experiments
  • conducting measurements with specialist research tasks (such as TMS, fMRI, EEG)
  • functional design, implementation on application level and application management, including
  • databases
  • front-end web applications
  • universal applications
  • instructing and informing employees and students regarding universal applications

  • flexible work attitude
  • specialist expertise
  • experience dealing with test subjects (e.g. patients)
  • multidisciplinary team
  • cooperating with other supporting departments

In addition, the department has initiated a number of projects to facilitate test subject research in general:
  • database with details of persons who are willing to participate in research projects (including characteristics so that specific subjects can be approached)
  • questionnaire archive management

  • Employees are mainly financed with external funds


Test Subject Database
If you are involved in internal research within the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience, then you can make use of our Test Subject Database. This database hosts details of healthy persons of 18 years and older who have voluntarily submitted themselves for test subject research. Test subject selection can be done using different characteristics. Have a look at the information available for participants in the Test Subject Database: www.maastrichtuniversity.nl/fpn/proefpersonen (Dutch only).

The establishment and maintenance of the database has been approved by the Ethical Committee of Psychology on 4 September 2012.
For more information, please contact one of the following contact persons of the Research Support Department.

Contact details
UNS 40 room 5.747
Email address: ppdb-fpn@maastrichtuniversity.nl
Ms. Ir. Rosanne Janssen, Tel. 043-3881693

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