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Here some useful links, taken from 'Preparing for the new academic year'.

FPN onboarding >>
Already learn about your new tools (for example email, timetable and canvas) and the way things work at FPN.

FPN education format for period 1 >>
Read about the plans. What will be 'hybrid', what will be 'online'?

Meet the University Library >>
Don't expect a list of books that you have to buy,  Most courses use online materials, provided by the university library. 
In those cases where a printed book is required, often the student association Placebo offers them at a discount.




Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Covid specific information can now be found on the regular AskPsy pages. See  AskPsy.nl/covid-19 for additional information. As always, feel free to contact us if you have questions or feedback.

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