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Course + exam registration

You can only attend a course or exam with a valid registration, also known as a registration.   Read more >>

Registration windows
Course and exam registration is only possible during the UM registration windows. Each period has a course registration period and an exam registration week. The Student Portal will show you when a registration window is open.


Bachelor year 2: If you do not yet meet the entry requirements for Statistics II  (IPN2028 / PSY2028) and/or Research Practical (IPN2027 / PSY2027)

These two courses in period five have an entry requirement:
•    To follow the course Statistics II (IPN2028 / PSY2028), a pass for Statistics I is required.
•    To take part in the Research Practical (IPN2027 / PSY2027), a pass for Statistics I and a pass for Methods and Techniques are required.

The Board of Examiners (BoE) has approved the option for conditional course registrations, enabling you to take the resit of Statistics I, while already following these courses. 

For more information about the form and/or the Board of Examiners please check the AskPsy page Board of Examiners


Contact persons for Course Registration

Contact the Education Office via AskPsy. Or visit us.




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