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COVID-19 related changes (BA)

Added 11-02-2022

Bachelor year 2: entry requirements for Statistics II  (IPN2028 / PSY2028) and Research Practical (IPN2027 / PSY2027)

These two courses in period five have an entry requirement:
•    For the course Statistics II (IPN2028 / PSY2028), a pass for Statistics I is required.
•    For the course Research Practical (IPN2027 / PSY2027), a pass for Statistics I and a pass for Methods and Techniques are required.

The Board of Examiners (BoE) decided to allow conditional course bookings, so that you can take the resit of Statistics I while already following these courses. Students who whe think might benefit from this temporary change, have been contacted. You can find the email here.

You can only attend a course or exam with a valid registration (aka booking).   Read more >>

Booking windows
Course and exam booking is only possible during the UM booking windows. Each period has a course registration period and an exam registration week. The Student Portal will show you when a booking window is open.


Contact persons for Course Registration

Contact the Education Office via AskPsy. Or visit us.




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