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Graduation procedure

The Graduation Procedure describes the steps to your diploma. See 'Graduation Procedure' >>

Collecting your diploma

Depending on the moment of graduating, you can receive your diploma at the ceremony, at the service desk and via mail. See  'Collecting your diploma' >> for the options.


Graduation Ceremonies  2021

Updated: 1 July 2021. 

Due to the number of students which will graduate in August and because of the personal touch that we would like to give these ceremonies, we had to add an additional day to the schedule.

The Graduation Ceremony for the 1-year Master in Psychology now takes place on this extra day, Thursday 25 November 2021. This change was communicated by email and a canvas announcement.
Thursday 25 November 2021
Mecc Maastricht

• 1-Year Master in Psychology (2 sessions)
Previously scheduled for 26 November 2021

Friday 26 November 2021
Mecc Maastricht

• Master Mental Health
• Research Master Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience
Saturday 27 November 2021, Mecc Maastricht

• Bachelor in Psychology (2 sessions)
You will be able to register for the session of your choice, but first come, first served.
• Master in Forensic Psychology
• International Joint Master of Research in WOP


Graduation documents

What documents are included in your diploma folder and what additional documents can be requested? See 'Graduation Documents' >>


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Questions about the formal procedure
and the administrative process:

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Questions about the ceremony:

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