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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Updated: 17 Sept. 2021 13:00 hrs.

On AskPsy, we address the (practical) effect of the Covid-19 measures on our education.
General UM information can be found at Studying in Maastricht in 2021Safety on campus and COVID-19-related FAQs.   Regular AskPsy pages have been updated with covid-specific information. 

When I am allowed to come to UM?
See the UM website "Safety on campus"

Would you prefer not to come to campus in Period 1?  For example, because you have fragile health? Then contact the academic adviser via AskPsy to discuss whether there are alternatives.

Are you unable to come to campus in Period 1?
There are several reasons why it might be impossible or impractical to attend the tutorial groups on campus. If one of the following situations applies to you, please contact us via AskPsy.

- Housing related issues.
The unexpected shortage of student rooms in Maastricht makes it difficult for some students to attend on-site meeting. For them, living further away from Maastricht leads to long trips, unreasonable hours of  travel and more than average travel costs.  UM emailing of 17 Sept. 2021 in Dutch or English.

- Covid-19 travel restrictions.
If you cannot join us on campus due to travel restrictions, you might be able to join (parts) of our programme online.

- Exceptional personal circumstances
The FPN Academic Advisers will assess your situation and will verify if you can temporarily be exempted from on campus presence.

See also the UM website "COVID-19-related FAQs"

Report a COVID-19 infection?  Contact the Head of the FPN Education Office via fpn-educationoffice@maastrichtuniversity.nl

Questions or other issues? Contact the Service Desk if things are unclear. We are here to help you.More Covid-19 contact information >>


Current status of 16-09-2021


Education in period 1

• "Hybrid" is the format for tutorial groups. This means that a part of the group is on-site, and the rest attends online.
• "Online" is the format for lectures and tutorials.
• Exams take place online.
• For tutor groups of 12-15 people (i.e., students + a tutor (if applicable)), 9 people can be on campus. The first PBL meeting will always be online. During this first PBL meeting a schedule of who will be on campus when, will be set up.

See also UM website "Studying in Maastricht in 2021".

UM corona safety measures
• Wear face masks in all faculty buildings when moving around. 
• No 1.5 metre rule anymore
• Check the ventilation rules in the teaching room
• Use the walking routes
• Check your health before you come to campus and ensure the appropriate hygiene measures are in place


Timetable shows the type of meeting:

• 'First meeting online': This course has hybrid meetings, where some students can attend on campus and some join online. This first meeting of the course is fully online, in order to allocate the campus spots for the upcoming meetings in this course.
• 'Hybrid online/offline': This is a hybrid meeting. Five students can be present in the indicated UM room. The other students join this meeting online.
• 'Online': This meeting will be online only, not on campus. 
• No extra text, and the timetable shows a location: This meeting will be on campus for all students. Contact the course coordinator if you cannot or do not want to attend. He/she will arrange possible alternatives.













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