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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Here we address FPN specific information, based on the UM-wide measures and guidelines.

Current status

• Hybrid classrooms for the rest of the academic year “On campus, if you can. Online, if you need to” Read more >>
• Timetable shows you the meeting format. Meeting links can be found in Canvas.
• Exams online.

Full overview on Maastrichtuniversity.nl >>

Timetable shows type of meeting:

• 'First meeting online': This course has hybrid meetings, where some students can attend on campus and some join online. This first meeting of the course is fully online, in order to allocate the campus spots for the upcoming meetings in this course.
• 'Hybrid online/offline': This is a hybrid meeting. Five students can be present in the indicated UM room. The other students join this meeting online.
• 'Online': This meeting will be online only, not on campus. 
• No extra text, and the timetable shows a location: This meeting will be on campus for all students. Contact the course coordinator if you cannot or do not want to attend. He/she will arrange possible alternatives.

Support and tools are available

See the regular page


Graduation ceremony on 14 and 15 May 2020.
See How to get your diploma by post and the regular page

See the regular page

See regular webpage

See regular webpage

in 2019-2020, some bachelor courses were temporary evaluated as 'pass/fail'.
See this regular page

BACHELOR -> MASTER (Sept. 2020)
See this regular webpage



See also: UM FAQ , under 'outgoing exchange students' >>


An internship abroad is only allowed on condition that
• the Dutch government’s travel advice classifies the destination green or yellow and
•your host institution confirms that it can physically facilitate the internship.

For details, see the UM COVID-19 website, our specific COVID-19 information and the general UM policy on study trips to risk areas.

10 August 2020

How likely is it that my fall 2020 exchange will run as planned?

We are, to our regret, receiving cancellations from partners on a weekly basis. It is hard to predict what your host university will decide: to run (either physically or online) or to suspend the fall 2020 exchange. We trust that our partners will ensure that any decisions are made and communicated as timely as possible. Whether you can actually go also depends on the travel advice issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provided through their website: www.minbuza.nl (Reizen en landen>reisadviezen). We would like to stress that there will need to be a significant improvement in the situation with COVID-19. At the moment, code orange (or red) still applies to all countries. We cannot predict when/for which countries the current travel advice will be adapted (from orange to yellow/green).

By when should I decide on going or cancelling my fall 2020 exchange?

The deadline for UM students to make a decision on going abroad is 1 July 2020, 12:00 hrs.

Inform the FPN/IRO (message through AskPsy) whether you wish to:
1) withdraw (and take electives at FPN/UM/another Dutch faculty)
2) proceed with your fall 2020 exchange (physically)
3) proceed with your fall 2020 exchange (online, if offered by the host university, provided you meet the FPN requirements, see FAQ).

The 1 July 2020 deadline gives you some time to carefully make a decision, and to see how the situation evolves. Please consider any financial, academic and personal (in terms of your wellbeing and health) consequences when making your decision. Do reach out if you need guidance in making a well-considered decision.
If you already informed us about your decision, no need to e-mail us again.

What happens if I decide to go and if my exchange is cancelled after 1 July after all (due to travel restrictions, or suspension by my host university)?

You can still register for electives at FPN/UM. Allocation after the registration deadline (2 July) will however be subject to availability.
Also be aware that considering the foreseen uncertainty due to COVID-19, costs for your exchange abroad (flight, housing, etc.) cannot be covered by UM. Please consider these (possible) consequences when making your decision.

My fall 2020 exchange hasn’t yet been suspended. Should I proceed with the preparations?

Please proceed with the application to your host university, and if required by your host university, apply for courses and the necessary visa applications by the stipulated deadline(s). It may be prudent to avoid making financial commitments (e.g. for flights, housing, insurance), until there is more certainty about your exchange semester. Contact the IRO if you need advice on how to proceed.

What are the alternatives if my exchange is cancelled?

1) Electives at FPN. See FPN 2020/2021 elective guide. Registration deadline: 2 July 2020, 13:00 hrs.
2) Courses/minor at another UM faculty. See FPN 2020/2021 elective guide and UM minor website. Registration deadline: 15 July 2020.
3) Courses/minor at another Dutch university. See FPN 2020/2021 elective guide.
3) Online exchange, if offered by your host university, provided that:
• You do the entire semester online (at least 24 ECTS);
• Your desired courses meet the FPN course requirements and have been/will be approved by the FPN Board of Examiners (the online course offer may be limited);
• You acknowledge that lectures, tutorials and exams may require real-time participation.

Also see the FPN 2020/2021 elective guide for the options for an external internship (PSY3379) or a research (MaRBLe) project in combination with electives.
Should there be other possible alternatives, we’ll inform you (at the latest by 1 July).

If my host university suspends physical exchange for fall 2020, would it be possible to participate in online exchange?

If your host university offers the option for an online exchange as a substitute for the fall 2020 exchange abroad, this will be accepted provided that:
• You do the entire semester online (at least 24 ECTS);
• Your desired courses meet the FPN course requirements and have been/will be approved by the FPN Board of Examiners (the online course offer may be limited);
• You acknowledge that lectures, tutorials and exams may require real-time participation.

What happens should a second outbreak of COVID-19 occur while I’m abroad?

You will be expected to follow the rules laid out by the Dutch government. UM’s principal source of information is the advice of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (BUZA), provided through their website: www.minbuza.nl >reisadviezen. In the event of a negative travel advice, code RED or ORANGE, UM students are not allowed to travel to/stay in the country/region concerned. Please refer to the UM guidelines for study trips to risk areas for UM students:
In case the color code has been changed from green/yellow to code orange/red, you must immediately contact the IRO and follow their instructions and, if possible, evacuate the country or region.
If it’s not possible to return home, please inform the IRO and get in touch with the embassy or consulate in your country of residence in order to find a solution.  

What are the (academic) consequences if I have to interrupt my fall 2020 exchange abroad?

• Should you have to interrupt your exchange due to an adjusted travel advice (or if you wish to return yourself due to the safety situation), we will do our utmost to avoid a study delay. First ask your host university whether you can finalize your courses and/or exams at a distance. Alternatively, depending on when you return, you can resume electives at FPN/another UM faculty in period 1, 2 or 3 (subject to availability) and/or do a practical internship as an elective (up to 6 ECTS). If these options are not possible or don’t add up to 24 ECTS, then you can submit a request to the FPN Board of Examiners to ask for an alternative way to obtain sufficient credits.

• In the wake of the (financial) impact of the COVID-19 outbreak (costs for repatriation, housing, etc.) UM requires all students going abroad to take out travel insurance. Without it, you are not eligible to receive any kind of compensation in case of calamities that force you to interrupt your exchange.

Can I still participate in Marble abroad?

If your fall 2020 exchange runs as scheduled (physically), your MaRBLe project abroad can be planned as usual (provided that you have been selected and supervision for your desired research project is found). In case your host university offers an online exchange, it will be very hard to set up a MaRBLe research project abroad. Discuss the feasibility of MaRBLe abroad with the MaRBLe coordinator and make sure to arrange a plan B.

When can I apply for a scholarship abroad?

Information about the 2020/2021 Erasmus/FPN/Holland Scholarship application procedure, and online application forms will be published once we receive news from the grant authorities (generally around June). Don’t be afraid to miss a scholarship deadline. You’ll be notified by email once the information is available. Also see finances and scholarships.
Considering the uncertain situation UM has decided to postpone the allocation of the Holland scholarships for non-EU exchanges until further notice.




Master students



See the regular page




Take note of the UM policies on internships abroad in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021

See the UM COVID-19 website and the information on this page. 
Check whether you’re allowed to do an internship in the region concerned and take note of the potential impact of COVID-19 on an internship abroad (especially in an orange coded region). 
For questions on the UM internship abroad policy or practical matters related to an internship abroad (e.g. on scholarships, insurances, safety), see the IRO information pages or contact the IRO through AskPsy.

24 November 2020

There is still uncertainty in labs across the world, many will not receive guest students in Spring 2021. Advice is to talk to your home supervisor for possibilities.
All Master's students doing their research and/or clinical internship as of january 2021 (either in the Netherlands or abroad), you are asked to make an academic backup plan in consultation with your supervisors.

Contact your first supervisor if you experience problems with your internship.



Can I extend my research internship?

Extending your internship is always possible, but we do not advise it as you will have to re-register (extra tuition fees). The measures outlined above provide you with the opportunity to finish your research internship in academic year 2020-2021.


I cannot finish my clinical internship, but I need these hours in order to continue my education after the Master. Can I finish somehow?

Contact the clinical internship coordinator for options. 


Can I extend my clinical internship?

Extending your internship is always possible, but we do not advise it as you will have to re-register (extra tuition fees). 

I want to obtain the BAPD certificate, but I am uncertain if I can meet the requirements due to corona measures.

This issue will be addressed on a national level. Any updates will be announced and posted here.



The UM Executive Board has decided to allow internships abroad in the spring 2021 semester (starting January 2021), provided that the following conditions are met:
•    Within Europe: UM students are allowed to participate in internships within the EU, Erasmus+ Programme Countries and Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, Switzerland and the Vatican City State, if the Dutch government has assigned the destination a color code green, yellow or orange travel advice.
•    Outside of Europe: UM students are allowed to participate in an internship programme outside of Europe, provided that the destination is included in the (regularly updated) EU Safe List.
•    Students are only allowed to travel to a code orange destination within Europe or a country in the EU Safe List if a substantial part of the internship will take place partly or physically at a location to be designated by the Internship Organisation. 
•    Internships in regions with a color code red are never allowed.
•    If your intended host country is not/no longer on the EU safe list, please notify the FPN International Relations Office through AskPsy. Exemptions for essential study components may exceptionally be granted by the Faculty Board on a case-by-basis if no alternatives are available.

Carefully also check the UM COVID-19 website  webpage whether you're allowed to do an internship abroad. 



If you are currently involved in an ongoing Research or Review Elective during the period of restrictions to limit the spreading of the Corona virus, then please provide the RM Electives coordinator with an update on the current status and progress of your elective project(s). Send your information via this link or prepare your own email message (to RM Electives coordinator Vincent van de Ven), which must contain the following information:

- Your name and student ID
- Elective details (supervisor, elective type & code)
- Current status and how corona virus restrictions affect progress of your elective

Also, discuss with your elective supervisor about how to proceed and finish the elective. He/she has been briefed on a number of alternative formats, such as possibilities to stick to a research elective or switching to a review elective. [Summary of the email of 8 April 2020, titled 'Effects Corona on Electives and Internships'.]



The possibility of initiating a research/lab elective after the summer holidays is uncertain. Be prepared to switch to a review elective should your research elective no longer be possible.  This is because all credits must be obtained before starting the internship period in November.   See full email >>


Incoming exchange students


For the UM policy and developments on COVID-19, see the UM COVID-19 web page and the specific UM FAQ’s under Incoming exchange students.
For information on the teaching and examination method at FPN in light of COVID-19, see the information on this page, and the FPN newsletters.
You will be informed by the FPN International Relations Office (IRO) by email about any new developments should this impact your exchange semester.
Any questions or concerns about your exchange at FPN? Don’t hesitate to contact the FPN IRO through


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