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Email guidelines

Help us to help you by following these email guidlines:

Email is not sms or chat, use polite wording in your email.
Use a saluation . Don't know who you are writing to? Use for example 'Dear Education Office' or 'Dear staff member' .
No saluation or something as 'Hey' or 'Hello' is considered impolite.
We understand that you can be stressed, annoyed or confused,  but please write your email with respect and restraint in mind.

Use a descriptive subject.
The subject should describe the problem or issue in one short sentence, as to the point as possible.
Not a vague subject as 'problem credits'  but  'PSY1234: points exam 12 dec 2016 not visible'

Include your student number and (if relevant) the course code(s).
Course codes are unique identifiers. Including the course code prevents errors and helps us to send your question to the right person.

Explain what you did to find the answer/solution yourself.
Telling us what you did/read before you decided to send a message, prevents us from asking this.

Use quotations to keep your mail readable.

And finally...
Emails are how we communicate with each other in this day and age. Writing them well can be the difference between successfully building a relationship and not.

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