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Organisational structure

Faculty Board
Faculty Council
Programme Directors
Educational Programme Committee
Board of Examiners
Research Committee
Library Committee
Course Planning Group
Colloquium Doctum Committee
Progress Exam Committee

A shorter overview of the organisational structure is available on the UM website.

FPN has two main tasks: to organise and carry out education and research. Ultimate responsibility rests with the Dean. The Dean and three board members for: research and valorisation, education and innovation, and internationalisation make up the Faculty Board. The board is advised by a democratically elected representation body, the Faculty Council.
All staff at FPN belongs to one of the faculty’s five departments or the Faculty Office. FPN’s research is organised in five departments: Clinical Psychological Science, Cognitive Neuroscience, Work and Social Psychology, Neuropsychology and Psychopharmacology, and Methodology and Statistics.

Faculty Board

The main administrative body of the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience is the Faculty Board. The board consists of four members: the dean (also the chair) and two members responsible for research and education respectively. It also includes a secretary-director. The board meetings are attended by two students, in advisory capacities, who are appointed by the board after being nominated by the Faculty Council’s student members.

The chair and the board members in charge of education and research are appointed by Maastricht University’s Executive Board, usually for four and three years respectively. The student advisers are usually appointed for one year.

The board is responsible for the faculty’s general management, administration, organisation and structure of its education and research.

The board of the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience is composed as follows:
Faculty board 2020-2021
DeanHarald Merckelbach
Vice dean EducationPetra Hurks
Vice dean ResearchRainer Goebel
Vice dean Recognition & RewardsCarolien Martijn
Managing DirectorPascal Stevens
Student member (as adviser)Constança Ferraz de Oliveira Ataíde da Silva

Faculty Council
The board is advised by and consults regularly with a democratically elected representation body: the Faculty Council. The council advises the board upon request or of its own accord. It consists of ten members: four elected from the academic staff, one from the support staff , and five from the FPN students.

Monthly meetings are in room A5.772 15.30 - 17.30 hrs and are open to UM students and staff.
22 September, 20 October, 17 November, and 15 December 2022, 19 January, 16 February, 16 March, 13 April, 11 May, 15 June and  6 July 2023.

Faculty council 2021-2022
Academic staffNatasha Mason
Alicia Walkowiak
Dalena van Heugten-van der Kloet
Michael Capalbo (chair)
Support staffCaroline van Loo-Frantzen
Student membersHannah Finklenburg
Lilly Schröder
Ernest van Nispen tot Pannerden
Nathan Lassen
Maike Hinrichs
SecretaryMarléon Vijgen

Programme Directors
The programme director coordinates and organises the preparation and execution of the study and examination programme of the corresponding programme(s). In this, he or she advises the Faculty Board on the content of programme and examination regulations, and, as board executive and advisor, is closely involved in the quality assurance of the programme.

The Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience has two programme directors:

  • Herco Fonteijn (Bachelor)
  • Sjir Uitdewilgen (Master programmes)
 See also:  Programme and specialisation contacts

Educational Programme Committee
The Educational Programme Committee provides advice on the amelioration and safe-guarding of the quality of the programme, including the OER. The committee consists of ten members: five staff members and five  student members.  See also:  Opleidingscommissies.nl
Educational Programme Committee 2021-2022
StaffTeresa Schuhmann (chair)
Arie van der Lugt
Nick Broers
Maarten Peters
Katrijn Houben

Pablo Wentz
Laura Camila Reyes Torres
Balahan Ersöz
Leonard Niekerken
Marvin Hottenbacher

Board of Examiners
The Board of Examiners is responsible for implementing the education and examination regulations. It also deals with exemption requests and complaints about exams and exam assessments, but only if the student and the course coordinator are unable to solve the problem together.
See also:  Board of Examiners.

Composition of the Board of Examiners:
ChairLinsey Raymaekers
Chair for Bachelor affairs

Franc Donkers
Chair for Master affairs

Peter Muris
Karlijn Massar
Annemiek Vermeeren
Glynis Bogaard
Marjan Govaerts
Fleurie Nievelstein
Linda Vancleef.

SecretariesMartien Jenneskens
Jill Giera

Research Committee
The faculty board is advised by the research committee (onderzoeksraad; ORa), a body that represents the interests of the two overarching research programmes/departments. The research committee evaluates and discusses feasibility of PhD projects, plans for large investments in research infrastructure (costs exceeding k €25), and all other matters that relate to broad research issues. The research committee meets every month.

The ORa consists of the chairpersons of the four departments, and the director of the FPN Graduate School. The board member Research attends the ORa meetings as an informant. The ORa is professionally supported by the research policy officer FPN, Rense Hoekstra MSc.

Library Committee
Responsible for acquiring literature for the library and Learning and Research Centre.
Contact: Philip Verduyn, Philip.Verduyn@maastrichtuniversity.nl

Course Planning Group
The study programme is composed of various courses, or modules. Primary responsibility for a course lies with the course coordinator. Together with two staff members and a student, the coordinator forms the course planning group, which handles the actual course content, organisation and implementation. The education in each course is offered in small groups (called tutorial groups) under the supervision of a tutor. The tutor may be a senior student who has followed tutor training, or a staff member. The course planning group members usually also act as tutors.

Next to the courses there are skill trainings. The majority of the skill trainings are mostly scheduled in periods 3 and 6 of the academic year, but also parallel to a course. The names of the course coordinators are included in the course descriptions.

Colloquium Doctum Committee
The colloquium doctum committee is charged with implementing the colloquium doctum regulation.

Chair: Hanneke van Mier

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