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Contact with the internship coordinator

The role of the internship coordinators

You can contact the coordinator if you have questions about the internship. For example to discuss the best way of approaching potential internship institutions and supervisors. Even if you have already located an internship, the internship coordinator can advise you on the necessary formalities. If, for example, you have been invited to work in the lab of a researcher you contacted on your own initiative, the coordinator can assist you in finding a suitable UM faculty member to serve as the local supervisor (2nd assessor). For internal as well as external research internships, the coordinator monitors administrative procedures that are necessary before your internship can actually begin.


General Coordination  
 Gerda Kraag g.kraag  maastrichtuniversity.nl043 3884046room A4.753



Contact persons for 1-year Master internshipsdsfdsfsfsfdfsdfsfdswerewrrwr
Legal Psychology
Kim van Oorsouw       k.vanoorsouw maastrichtuniversity.nl043 3884050room 3.767
Health and Social Psychology

Leonardo Pimpini

leonardo.pimpini maastrichtuniversity.nl043 388 4523room 4.777a
Work and Organisational Psychology 
Annika Nubolda.nubold maastrichtuniversity.nl043 3884018room 4.755
Developmental Psychology (DP)
Hans Stauderh.stauder maastrichtuniversity.nl043-3881933OXF55, 2.009
Cognitive NeuroscienceLars Hausfeldlars.hausfeld maastrichtuniversity.nl
043-3884521OXF55 1.018

Ieke Winkens
Michael Schwartze

fpn-np-internship maastrichtuniversity.nl043-3884512room 2.759
Mental HealthIeke Winkens (clinical)
Pauline Dibbets (research)
fpn-internshipmmhmaastrichtuniversity.nl043-3884512room 2.759
Contact persons for Research Master internships  
Clinical Psychology
(formerly Psychopathology)
Nicole Geschwindnicole.geschwind[ maastrichtuniversity.nl043-3881487room 2.767

Ieke Winkens
Michael Schwartze

fpn-np-internship maastrichtuniversity.nl

043-3884512room 2.759
 Cognitive NeuroscienceLars Hausfeld

lars.hausfeld maastrichtuniversity.nl

043-3884521OXF55 1.018
Fundamental neurosciencePilar Martínezp.martinez maastrichtuniversity.nl
043-3881042room 2.574
Drug Development and
Jacco Briedé  j.briedemaastrichtuniversity.nl0433881094room 4.114
Contact person for Forensic Master internshipspersons for Forensic Master internships  
Coordinator for Forensic master    Linsey Raymaekerslinsey.raymaekers maastrichtuniversity.nl043 388 4029room A4.773


Contact person for International Joint Master Research in Work & Organizational Psychology Reafor Forensic Master internships  
Coordinator for IJMRWOP    staff member from Leuphana University    


Contact personBAPD & LOGO-GZ  
BAPD/NIP + GZIeke Winkensi.winkens maastrichtuniversity.nl

Hours: even weeks on Tuesday
Please email to make an appointment.
043 388 4512room A2.759




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