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Information Meeting

See 'All information sessions'.


Research internship in short

The Research Internship is a mandatory of all FPN Master programmes. It starts with the planning of a research project, resulting in a research proposal.  During the actual internship, you will be conducting the research project and analyzing your findings. Your master’s thesis describes the research that you conducted. Read more >>
1Y MasterPeriod 4 - 628 weeks 
Research MasterSecond year, period 2 - 6 35 weeks 
Forensic MasterSecond year, period 1 - 6   
Master Mental HealthPeriod 4-617 weeks 


Clinical internship in short

 The Clinical Internship is meant to provide an introduction to the organization and practice of mental health care, as well as basic experience in clinical diagnosis and therapeutic interventions.  In the Research Master programme, you also conduct a small-scale research project.   Read more >>
Optional for 1Y Master Neuropsychology   Period 4 - 6Min. 13 weeks
(520 hours)
Optional for Research Master
Neuropsychology  and Clinical Psychology (formerly Psychopathology)
Second year, period 2 - 6 

Min. 13 weeks
(520 hours)

Mandatory for Forensic Master
Second year, period 1 - 6 Min. 13 weeks
(520 hours)
Optional for Master Mental HealthNo specific periodMin. 13 weeks
(520 hours)
For the other master tracks (health and social psychology, developmental psychology, and psychology and law), it is possible to do a clinical internship after you graduated.




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