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Documents and forms

This page explains the various documents. See the timeline for the steps from preparation until your graduation.  Failing to meet deadlines can have consequences for the validity of your internship and/or processing of results.

How to apply for the internship


  ⦿ Write the backup plan
Since 12 Nov. 2021, the backup plan is part of the application procedure.
You will be asked to upload it during the application process.

Backup plan  v004 of 20-01-2022
• Discuss the backup plan with your supervisor(s).
• Do not sign the backup plan.


⦿ Fill out the application form

On DorsWebApp, fill out the application form. It will ask you to upload the backup plan. 
Allowed file type(s): MS Word as docx, no pdf.



⦿ Supervisor approves your application, Education Office creates the contract 

DorsWebApp handles the approval process.

This might take several days, as the Internship coordinator has to check the requirements and the Education Office needs to generate some (legal) paperwork.

If all is well, the Education Office creates the contract, with your backup plan as an appendix.

  ⦿ Education Office distributes the contract

The Education Office emails you the contract . Both supervisors also receive a copy.

  ⦿ Get the contract signed


Email your copy of the contract to both supervisors and ask them to sign it.

  ⦿ Submit the contract

Email the signed contract to the Education Office, fdp-masterthese@maastrichtuniversity.nl.




To prove that you need to do an internship

Should someone ask for a document that shows that the internship is part of your programma, you can use
Letter 'internship is part of the FPN Master programme' v006 of 01-04-2021.

If this is not enough, contact the Board of Examiners for a tailor made letter.

The internship application form (also for MMH)

Online: https://dors-fpn.maastrichtuniversity.nl
• Deadline: submit the form at the latest 4 weeks before the start of your internship
• Any subsequent changes can be sent to:
             fpn-internshipmmh@maastrichtuniversity.nl for master mental health (MMH)
             fpn-masterthese@maastrichtuniversity.nl for all other (R)masters. 
            Please do not fill out a new form.

Internship & BAPD/LOGO-GZ after graduation

Application form for non-degree seeking student
• Deadline: at the latest 4 weeks before the start of your internship
• You send it to: FPN Admissions (post or email)

The internship contract

You get this from the Education Office

• Deadline: at the latest 2 weeks after the start of the internship
• You send it to: the Education Office via e-mail.

The student, the institutional supervisor, the UM supervisor and the track-specific internship coordinator must sign the internship contract. You collect the required original signatures on the contract and send the scanned whole contract (with signatures) by e-mail to fdp-masterthese@maastrichtuniversity.nl.  Without a signed contract, your internship will be considered illegal. If this appears to be the case, your graduation will not be guaranteed. For MMH students: send the scanned whole contract (with signatures) by e-mail to fpn-internshipmmh@maastrichtuniversity.nl.
The education office will only contact you if information in the contract is incomplete or incorrect. You will not receive a confirmation e-mail if your contract is approved. 

The main purpose of the internship contract is to ensure that the internship of the student is recognized as part of her/his study program. Only with a contract, signed by all parties, the student can finish the program. In addition, the contract is important so the student can fall back on the Maastricht University’s liability insurance if necessary.

Furthermore, the contract formalizes some agreements concerning the internship, such as duration of the internship, supervision, that the data and publication rights are and remain with the host institute, and it provides resolutive conditions. For example article 4 in the contract “The traineeship can be discontinued prematurely by the Host Institute if the student does not comply with the internal regulations and/or misbehaves seriously so as interfere with normal work function of the Host Institute”.



Form to extend the internship

If your internship will take  longer than the original contract date, please fill out this form and send it to to fdp-masterthese@maastrichtuniversity.nl.

Form: agreement to extend the internship, v001 of 28-06-2022.

RM Clinical internship permission statement 
Also called 'RM Minor’s thesis permission statement'
Research Master students get this from the Education Office, as part of the contract papers.

• Deadline: at the latest in the first week of the internship.
• You send it to: the Education Office.

The research proposal


The research proposal for the minor thesis (Research Master only)

See Minor thesis >>
• Deadline: at the latest 2 weeks after the start of the internship

• You send it to: second supervisor (= UM supervisor)

ERCPN request for approval

The principally responsible investigator, who is in charge of design and procedure, is responsible for obtaining the ethical permission. Typically, this is first author of any formal publications.

• Research at FPN:  The principally responsible investigator (FPN scientific staff or PhD-student) arranges
mandatory permission at the Ethics Review Committee Psychology and Neuroscience (ERCPN) or the Medical Ethics Review Committee (METC).

• Research at FHML and elsewhere: The principally responsible investigator arranges ethical approval at their faculty,
institute or other based on the applicable laws and regulations.

In your Internship Research Proposal, you address how ethical permission for the study will be (or has been) obtained. No approval letters need to be submitted to ERCPN. You can always contact ERCPN if you have questions or need advice.


Submitting the Master's thesis:

• Deadline:  on 31 August 2021 at the latest if you want to graduate in 2020-2021
Go to My internship(s)  and use the Cloud icon with the up arrow in the column "Document(s)" to upload your final version of your thesis. 
• For MMH: uploading via DorsWebApp is not possible yet for MMH students. Follow the instructions described in the announcement from Pauline Dibbets. In short for MMH: upload your file in Canvas and e-mail to both assessors and fpn-internshipmmh@maastrichtuniversity.nl.
• See also: Thesis for Master Students >>  AND File Naming >>

Submitting the Minor Thesis:

• Deadline:  on 31 August 2021 at the latest if you want to graduate in 2020-2021
• You send it to: (final pdf-version) faculty supervisor and upload via DorsWebApp
• See also: File Naming >>

The clinical activities report (CAR)

See Clinical Activities Report >>
• Deadline: 31 August
Note: if you hand in the CAR after 31 August 2021, you will have to reregister for the following academic year.  See Graduating >>.
• You send the draft version(s) to: FPN supervisor 
• You upload the final electronic pdf-version via DorsWebApp. This version will be used for plagiarism checking.
• See also: File Naming >>

Clinical internship > Cover sheet for case reports

All students who write case reposts (either as mandatory part of the internship or as part of obtaining BAPD), add one cover sheet per three case reports.
Clinical Internship - Cover sheet for case reports (fillable PDF)
• You send it to your FPN supervisor and cc to fdp-masterthese@maastrichtuniversity.nl

Master Mental Health

For contact: fpn-internshipmmh@maastrichtuniversity.nl

Clinical internship:

Factsheet Klinische stage, v001 of 09-06-2020
Handboek intervisie, v001 of 12-06-2020
Formulier C: stagecontract, v001 of 12-06-2020
Formulier D: stagebeoordeling, v003 of 03-02-2022
Formulier E: aantekening testdiagnostiek, v001 of 12-06-2020
See also: Aantekening testdiagnostiek
MMH Stageplekken, lijst 1, v001 of 07-02-2022
MMH Stageplekken, lijst 2, v001 of 17-05-2022
Ideeënlijst stageplekken, v001 of 07-02-2022

Research internship: 
Please check the Canvas pages of PSY4772 and PSY4773 for more information.

More specific Master Mental Health information, see here > 

Application for scanning time at Scannexus

Application form

If you are doing an internal MRI research internship, you can apply for some scanning time at the Scannexus 3T Prisma MRI scanner. The amount of time allotted per student will lie between 1.5 and 6 hours, depending on the number of applications. 7T hours will only be granted in case of sufficient budget, with a maximum of 3 hours per student.
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