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Programme and specialisation contacts


There are two programme directors, one for the bachelor and one for the masters.

Programme coordinators 2021-2022
Coordinator Bachelor in Psychology   Herco Fonteijn

h.fonteijn maastrichtuniversity.nl 
043-38 81907
UNS40 A4.750

Coordinator 1Y Master    Sjir Uitdewilligen
Coordinator Research Master

Peter de Weerdp.deweerd maastrichtuniversity.nl 
043-38 84513
Coordinator Ma in Forensic Psychology
Corine de Ruitercorine.deruiter maastrichtuniversity.nl
043-38 84344
UNS40 A3.744
Coordinator International Joint Master of Research in Work and Organizational Psychology
Fred Zijlstra 


Specialisation coordinators 1-year Master 2021-2021
Health and Social PsychologySarah Stutterheim

s.stutterheim maastrichtuniversity.nl
043-38 81258
UNS40 A4.737

Work and Organizational
Fred Zijlstrafred.zijlstra maastrichtuniversity.nl
043-38 84337
UNS40 A4.731
Legal PsychologyKim van Oorsouwk.vanoorsouw maastrichtuniversity.nl
043 38 84050
UNS40 A3.767
Cognitive NeuroscienceGiancarlo Valentegiancarlo.valente maastrichtuniversity.nl
043-38 82469
OX55 S2.011
Developmental PsychologyLisa Jonkmanl.jonkman maastrichtuniversity.nl
043-38 81956
OX55 3.010
NeuropsychologyAnke Sambeth


Master Mental HealthNatalja Sarneel



Specialisation coordinators 2-year masters 2021-2022
Cognitive Neuroscience (CN)Giancarlo Valente

giancarlo.valente maastrichtuniversity.nl
043-38 82469
OX55 S2.011

Neuropsychology (NP)Arjan Blokland
a.blokland maastrichtuniversity.nl
043-38 81903
Psychopathology (PP)Anne Roefs

a.roefs maastrichtuniversity.nl
043 38 82191
UNS40 A3.742

Fundamental Neuroscience (FN)
Daniel van den Hove
Drug development & Neurohealth (DN)Rudy Schreiber

rudy.schreiber maastrichtuniversity.nl
043-38 84270
UNS40 A2.735

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