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Student Council

The student members that take up a position in different councils, profit from speaking to each other about student related issues and they do this in the form of a student council.  The student council gathers weekly to discuss topics that concern the students at our faculty. The topics of discussion usually come from the various councils.


Chair: Amanda Fink
Vice chair: Gosia Michalowska
Secretary: Sophie Raible

• Anna van Oosterzee
• Amanda Fink

Faculty Council:
•  Maren Giersiepen
•  Sophie Raible
•  Wannes van Lonkhuijzen
•  Max Stultiens
•  Laura Winkens

Educational Program Committee
•  Gosia Michalowska
•  Alex Prodan
•  Luis Gruner
•  Koen Vannisselroij
•  Nicola Münstermann


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