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Catching up on the introduction

Welcome to FPN!

If you started your new programme during or after the introduction days, see the overview below for your options to catch up.
Contact the Education Office if you have questions or need support.



Missed Learning in Groups?

There were multiple PBL sessions. If you missed a few, or all of them, you need to make a catch-up assignment.


Passing "Learning in Groups", "Introduction Library" and "FPN Onboarding" will earn you 2 ECTS.



You need to pass the PBL training within four weeks after the start of the curriculum to be able to continue your studies at FPN.

Please contact our PBL coordinator Wladimir van Mansum (whj.vanmansum@maastrichtuniversity.nl) and inform him that you missed
part of the PLB sessions. He will provide you with a catch up assignment. 

Missed Welcome @FPN

You missed "Welcome @FPN", the student hosted live show in which we explain how things work at FPN. Fortunately, the recordings are available online.

You can also take the quiz to see what you know (and don't know).

If you still have questions after watching the video's and reading the information on AskPsy, contact the information deskAskPsy.nl/onboarding



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