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Continuing your current study

Procedure 2020-2021 (published 23 July 2020)

Follow the steps below if you plan to continue your present study programme in 2020-2021.

Do this also...
...if you are unsure if you will graduate on 31 August 2020, or
...if you are waiting for the result of a Binding Study Advice appeal, or
...if you expect to hand in your Master's thesis after 31 August 2020.
    FPN bachelor students who start their FPN master programme : see Starting a new study.
    Step 1: Re-enroll     Before 3 July 2020
    Select 'Re-enrolment' on Studielink. Please do this before 3 July 2020, so that you are able to register your courses in time. 

    You can follow the progress via Studielink.


    Step 2: Register your courses
    Deadline: 26 July 2020 23:59h CET

    As from today, all 2020-2021 courses are available for registration.
    The deadline for period 1 is 26 July 2020 23:59h CET. More information >>


    Step 3: Select your payment arrangement
    Before 7 August 2020

    As soon as the UM has processed your re-enrolment, you can select a payment plan in Studielink. Please arrange your payment before 7 August 2020. More information >>


    Step 4: Check your timetable    
    Available on 13 August 2020

    To be scheduled, your re-enrolment has to be completed in time, including the payment arrangement.

    The timetable for period 1 will be available on 13 August 2020. Contact us if you do not see your courses by this date.



    • Combining study and work? Have a look at the provisional schedule, available around 1 August 2020.
    The provisional schedule can help you to predict if there will be educational activities on a given date.

    If things don't go as expected...

    Questions about re-enrolment, payment or Studielink?

    Student Services Centre
    Website: http://www.maastrichtuniversity.nl/ssc
    E-mail: study@maastrichtuniversity.nl
    Phone: +31 43 38 85 388

    Questions about course registration or timetable?

    FPN Service Desk
    Website: http://www.askpsy.nl
    E-mail: http://www.askpsy.nl/contact
    Phone: 043 - 38 84020

    Study delay, disability support and personal problems?

    FPN Academic Advisers
    Website: www.askpsy.nl/academic-advisers
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