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Continuing your current study

Procedure 2018-2019

This page applies to you if:
  • ...plan to continue your present study programme, or
  • ...are still waiting for a notification on your Binding Study Advice (Bachelor) and are unsure as to whether you can continue your studies at FPN in the next year.
  • ...are unsure whether you will fulfill all requirements of your current study programme on 31 August 2018, or
  • ...are not sure that you will pass the Master’s thesis before 1 september 2018 (and this is  your last work).

FPN bachelor students who start their FPN master programme : see Starting a new study.

Step 1: Re-register     Before 25 July 2018

To continue your present study programme, you'll need to submit a re-registration via Studielink.
  1. Select the <Extend your enrolment>, link under 'My To Do List'.
    Please don't use the ‘New registration request’ link, this will register you for the first year of a programme.
  2. Fill in the 'Re-enrolment application' form.
  3. Your application is sent to the UM for processing.
  4. On the 'My Studielink' page you can track the status of your application via 'My messages' and 'My study programmes (Status)'.
You should see 're-registration, created' in MyUM  (not the student portal!) within four working days.  If not, please contact the Student Service Center (SSC). You can find the contact details of the SSC below.
To complete step 2 (course registration), re-register before 25 July 2018.



If you started your present programme
in 2015 or later: 

Step 2: Book your courses via the UM student portal
Deadline for period 1: 29 July 2018

 If you started your present programme
in 2014 or earlier:

Step 2:  The Education Office books your courses

If you started your present programme in 2015 or later, you will have to book your own courses.
As of 1 June 2018, you have to book all courses (includes first exam) and any ' Takes exam only' (resits) for 2018-20189in the  Student Portal. The booking window for period 1 ends 29 July 2018.
If you miss this deadline, you need to redeem one 'late registration token' to be booked for the courses and first exam.
More information >>

* Information about your courses can be found on go.askpsy.nl/cc.

* Special programme elements in your curriculum, such as electives, the bachelor thesis, are booked by the Education Office. More information >>

* Course registration always includes the first exam. Once you pass your attendance for a course you cannot take the tutorials again. You are only allowed to book the exam as Takes Exam Only.

More information >>


If you started your present programme in 2014 or earlier , the Education Office will now book your 2018-2019 courses, first exams and any resits.
Missing the re-registration deadline of 25 July 2018 may mean that you will not be able to see your timetable in time, because the Education Office cannot enroll anybody into courses without registration.
More information >>


Step 3: Arrange your tuition payment    
Deadline: 15 August 2018

Choosing a payment method for your tuition is a separate action in the 'to do'-list on Studielink.
After doing this, your status in MyUM  (not the student portal!) should change to 're-registration, approved’.
The Student Service Centre will remind you to do this. The deadline is 15 August 2018.

More information >>


Step 4: Check your timetable    
After 16 August 2018

To be scheduled, your re-registration (including payment details) must be completed in time.  
Without a completed re-registration you will not receive your timetable.

The timetables for period 1 will be available from 16 August 2018 onwards via the Student Portal, which means that your payment needs to be completed by that date. If you do not see the courses in the timetable by this date, please contact the FPN service desk.


Though the internet allows you to register from anywhere, deadlines are stated according to the times in the Netherlands.


• Combining study and work? Have a look at the provisional schedule, available around 1 August 2018 .
The provisional schedule can help you to predict if there will be educational activities on a given date.  

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Questions about re-registration or tuition fees? Please contact the Student Services Centre:


Questions about course registration? Please contact the FPN Service Desk:

Are you unable to continue your studies or do you experience or do you expect a study delay? Please contact the FPN Academic advisers:
Website: www.askpsy.nl/academic-advisers
Email for  bachelor students: academicadviser-ba-fpnmaastrichtuniversity.nl
Email for  master students: academicadviser-ma-fpnmaastrichtuniversity.nl
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