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About tutorial groups

In small groups of roughly 13 students, supervised and assisted by a tutor, you actively seek solutions to real-life problems. In this way, you learn not only to operate at an academic level, but also to work independently on real-world issues – just as you will later on, in your career.

Tutorial group meetings are on campus. If you are unable to join on campus, you can join the session online (hybrid), but note that this online participation will not count as 'having attended the session' for the attendance requirement. See Rules and Regulations > Attendance Obligation for the attendance requirements.

Publication of the tutorial group schedule

Your timetable, including any tutorial group meetings, will be published on or before the UM-wide publication dates. You can find the dates in the Academic Calendar.


Switching tutorial group

In case of exceptional personal circumstances that merit an individual arrangement with regards to the times of tutorial groups, switching tutorial groups might be possible.

To combine two studies, adjustments can be made. Working next to your study is not considered as a valid reason in order to request an individual arrangement. The request has to be received within a week after the publication of the timetables. Visit Rules and Regulations > Attendance Obligation for more information, application form and deadlines.

Tutorial rooms: available for groups

You can book a room if you want to hold additional group meetings. See Room Reservation.


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