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Research Participation Obligation IPN3442

Every Bachelor student of the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience has to participate as a research participant in a number of scientific empirical studies at the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience. In this way you become acquainted with a variety of methods of empirical research, and are introduced in the different research areas of staff at the Faculty.

For each study, you get a certain number of points.

Number of required participation points:

•  20 participation points (= 20 hours of participation = 1 ECTS)

• Collect 15 participation points in your first year to get the remaining 5 waived.


The maximum total number of sona points for online studies is seven. Only if you started your bachelor study in or before 2020-2021, there is no limit on the total number of points for online studies.

We encourage you to complete the Research Participation in your first year. Research participation during the 2nd and 3rd academic year is not guaranteed, due to too much prior knowledge. Furthermore, the ECTS for Research Participation must have been obtained in order to continue the programme abroad at the start of the 3rd academic year.

Research Participation Poster Board

You can use the Research Participation Poster Board to find or publish studies. The mandatory info sticker is available at http://go.askpsy.nl/board.


Participate in studies
Sign up for studies via Sona. You can login with your regular UM-account.
The awarded participation points will be registered in Sona.

We check your points

The Education Office periodically checks to see if you have collected enough participation points.

• For first year students: monthly check and ECTS update.
• For second and third year students: we check if you obtained enoug points six times per year (September, December, March, June, July and August)
• Studying for more than three years: ECTS update twice per year (July and August). Or earlier upon request.

If so, the ECTS for IPN3442 / PSY3442 Research Participation will be given. Note that this is a course in the third year, it is not relevant for the Binding Study Advice.

Graduation candidates:  as described in the Graduation Procedure , the last day of the month in which you fulfilled all the examination requirements will be considered the graduation date. The Education Office will grant the ECTS for research participation in the month in which you received your final Sona credit.

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Contact persons for research participation obligation
CoordinatorEef Theunissen

fpn-sona maastrichtuniversity.nl
043-38 81940
UNS40 A2.743


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